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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Housewarming ... Bridal Gift ... Wedding Shower ...A Must Have

If the person is a good friend , you will know what household items to use in creating your  custom-made  Kitchen-Maid . And today some couples have joint wedding showers, so you can build a Kitchen-Mate for the husband.

Here's how :
1)   Begin with an ironing board to be the body of the Kitchen-Maid or Kitchen-Mate.
2)   Tie and apron with pockets around the middle to make a waist . Fill the pockets with smaller kitchen items , utensils or tools for the husband.
3)   Attach a plunger on one side of the back of the ironing board as an arm and a toliet brush or feather duster as the other arm.
4)   Add a dustpan  on the ironing board for feet or set the ironing on a vacuum and bind with several elastic cords under the apron (as you can see in the photo)
5)   Secure a string mop as the head  of hair to the back portion flopped over the top narrow end of the ironing board.
6)   Create a face with nylon net scrubbles for the eyes , a small sponge for the nose and a nail brush for the mouth.

Hint : Use your imagination to make this an amusing , but useful addition to a housewarming ... bridal gift or  wedding shower.
Just remember to make the Kitchen-Maid  / Mate  with anything you think the couple will need .
Most people love homemade gifts , they know it was made especially for them.

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  1. Adorable! I'm definitely doing this for an upcoming shower.


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