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Friday, July 28, 2017

Woman’s Children Make A Bizarre Prediction At Their Father’s Funeral That Actually Comes True

Losing someone close to you is likely the single most difficult experience you can go through. This feeling is multiplied infinitely if the person you’ve lost is a spouse or a child.

It’s only natural for people to look for ways to cope during the grieving process. Occasionally, survivors claim to receive messages from the one they’ve lost.

When Dechia Gerald received the news that her husband Matthew, a police officer, had been killed in the line of duty, she was rightfully devastated. Then, her daughter made a strange prediction at his funeral that left Dechia dumbfounded…

Everyone knows that police officers risk their lives on daily basis to enforce the laws that have been put in order. This is especially apparent to the spouses of these brave heroes. So when Dechia husband Matthew had been killed in the line of duty, she was Gerald of Baton Rouge, Louisiana received the call that her stunned.
In addition to his wife, Matthew left behind two young daughters. Despite the tragedy, Dechia remained strong for her girls.

While the family was grieving at Matthew’s funeral, her eldest daughter made a strange comment that completely startled her — she predicted that Dechia was pregnant with another child. Initially, she wrote this off as her daughter’s way of dealing with the grief of her loss. Not long after, though, her youngest daughter made the same remark…
While Dechia didn’t think much of the prediction at first, she still decided it would be best to take a pregnancy test. Surprisingly, it turned out that her daughters were correct, and she was, in fact, in the very early stages of pregnancy! She was shocked, to say the least

Dechia gave birth nine months later to a healthy baby boy, whom she named Falyn Matthew Gerald. In their time of grief, her friends and family members couldn’t help but feel as if her husband had been reborn through their youngest child. It was truly a miracle...
When Dechia lost Matthew, she began wearing his wedding band on a necklace as a way to keep him with her at all times. Friends and family stood in awe after Falyn reached up and placed his finger through the ring on her neck the first time that he laid on her chest to cuddle.
“We all feel his daddy with us,” Tish, Matthew’s mother said in an interview. “Very bittersweet, just more than I can express. Just touches my heart more than I can express. It’s like having him all over again.”

Now, every day with her three children is a reminder of Dechia’s late husband Matthew. “I can just feel his presence. I don’t have to worry about the anxiety or worry where’s he’s at or what he’s doing because at this moment, he’s here with us,” she said.

That is some serious intuition. Their story is certainly heartbreaking, though luckily, they’ve found a new way to cope with their loss.

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