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Monday, November 30, 2015

8-Step Daily Diabetes Checklist

By Mikel Theobald Reviewed by Farrokh Sohrabi, MD
Juggling the daily tasks necessary to manage type 2 diabetes can be overwhelming. But this daily diabetes checklist can help simplify your routine.
Managing type 2 diabetes can seem like an endless to-do list of eating healthy, exercising, testing your blood sugar, and taking medications. But by taking some simple steps to control diabetes, you can help prevent or delay serious diabetes-related complications including nerve damage, vision loss, kidney disease, and stroke.
Streamlining your daily checklist will help you stick to it more easily. Here are the essentials:

1. Test your blood sugar and record it in a logbook.
Monitoring your blood sugar levels is an important part of managing diabetes. Daily monitoring provides ongoing feedback about your blood sugar levels and diabetes management, says . Use the information to guide your decisions about what to eat and when and how to exercise, and to provide insight into proper medication dosing if you’re on insulin, she adds.

Recording the information in a logbook is vital, according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Your logbook becomes a tool that can be used during visits with your doctor to see how well your diabetes management plan is working and to make changes if necessary.

2. Take your medication.
When diet and exercise alone are not able to keep diabetes under control, your doctor may prescribe medication to help with blood sugar management. “It’s important to understand how your diabetes medications work to control blood sugar levels, how to treat low blood sugar if that happens, and how and when to take your medication." Your doctor or a diabetes educator can provide medication scheduling recommendations best suited to you based on your health history.

3. Inspect your feet.
Diabetes can cause a variety of foot problems, such as calluses that can turn into ulcers, poor circulation that can affect your ability to fight infection, and nerve damage, which can cause diminished sensation. Check your feet daily to make sure that there are no wounds, blisters, or other issues. Ordinary problems can turn far more serious if left untreated. And if you have poor circulation or nerve damage, it’s possible to have an injury or infection on your foot without feeling it. Daily inspection allows you to spot problems early and get treatment.  

4. Brush and floss your teeth.
High blood sugar levels can impact oral health — uncontrolled blood sugar levels may lead to more plaque buildup and increase the risk for gingivitis and even advanced gum disease. The ADA recommends brushing your teeth for three minutes at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day.

5. Be physically active.
Exercise is great for overall health and helps lower blood sugar levels. “The general recommendation is for 30 minutes at least five times per week. In addition to lowering blood sugar levels, exercise helps improve blood flow, increase energy, reduce the impact of stress, and helps you sleep better, making it essential to put it on your schedule.

6. Eat healthy meals and snacks.

Your blood sugar levels can be directly impacted by what you eat and by the scheduling of meals and snacks. Planning your meals each day, rather than just winging it, can make a difference in your blood sugar readings.

There are several approaches to diabetes meal planning that you can use as a guide to help you eat healthy, including carb counting and using the glycemic index. Alison Massey recommends working with a registered dietitian to get on the right track with food choices and setting up a daily meal and snack schedule.

7. Protect your skin.
Diabetes can wreak havoc on your skin, causing bacterial or fungal infections. Check your body for skin concerns on a daily basis, especially in skin folds such as underarms, between toes, and the groin area. Help protect your skin by keeping it clean and dry. If you notice an injury, even a minor cut, clean it with soap and water. Talk to your doctor if you notice serious injuries to your skin or have a condition you can’t treat on your own.  

8. Get a good night’s sleep.
Poor sleep patterns can negatively impact glucose metabolism, according to a study published in April 2014 in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Practicing healthy sleep habits can help you get the sleep your body needs. The National Sleep Foundation recommends going to bed at the same time each evening and waking up at the same time every morning, even on the weekends. Also, engage in a nightly sleep ritual that prepares your body for sleep, such as reading a book or another calming activity that allows your body to wind down. Another way to sleep more soundly is to turn on a white noise machine and close room-darkening curtains. You want to make your bedroom environment as conducive to sleep as possible. 

Crazy things people used to believe about women in the 1800's

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Kate's Pictures of Princess Charlotte

Kate's New Pictures Of Princess Charlotte

Sky News - Kate's New Pictures Of Princess Charlotte

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have released new photos of their baby daughter Charlotte to mark her turning six months old. The two images were taken by Kate at their family home Anmer Hall in Sandringham earlier this month.
They were to thank royal fans for the good wishes sent to the couple and the photos give an insight into how the child is growing up. One shows her laughing as she plays with a cuddly toy dog . In the other, she is looking to the side as if something has caught her attention.

Britain's Princess Charlotte is seen in this photograph taken by her mother Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, in November 2015 at Anmer Hall in Sandringham, and released by Kensington Palace in London on November 29, 2015.  REUTERS/Duchess of Cambridge/Handout via Reuters    ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS PICTURE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY. REUTERS IS UNABLE TO INDEPENDENTLY VERIFY THE AUTHENTICITY, CONTENT, LOCATION OR DATE OF THIS IMAGE. EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVE. THIS PICTURE IS DISTRIBUTED EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS      TPX IMAGES OF THE DAYBritain's Princess Charlotte is seen in this photograph taken by her mother Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, …

In a statement, Kensington Palace said "The Duke and Duchess continue to receive warm messages about Princess Charlotte from all around the world and they hope that everyone enjoys these lovely photos as much as they do."
Kate is an accomplished amateur photographer and took a joint portrait of her children George, aged two, and Charlotte, who is fourth in line to the throne, a few weeks after her daughter was born on 2 May.
The last time the princess was seen in public was in July during her christening at St Mary Magdalene Church on the Queen's Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. Charlotte was born at St Mary's, the same London hospital where her mother gave birth to brother George in 2013.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Earth Breathes

Sometimes we refer to our planet as Mother Earth, but we certainly didn’t expect to see her breathing.
Brian Nuttall was out on a walk in Nova Scotia when he captured the ground rising and falling, similar to the rise and fall of a person’s chest as they breathe.

Nuttall said that the wind was blowing hard after the remnants of Hurricane Patricia passed through the province. As he walked through some downed trees in a forest, he noticed the ground moving.
Of course the ground wasn’t breathing. Instead what likely happened is that the roots of some of the trees had loosened during the hurricane  and the fierce wind was blowing the trees so hard, the loose roots were shifting. At least that's what we are telling ourselves.
It's better than some of the alternatives: a giant creature from the core of the earth laying in wait, just beneath the surface, for unwary hikers..... a space ship from a far away galaxy tunneled under the ground, mining minerals and rich soil to take back to their barren enormous sink hole waiting to happen just as you walk by.

But that experience has left Mr Nuttall with a new appreciation for his province.
“I realize, from comments on my facebook timeline, that I take beautiful Nova Scotia and the area I live in for granted,” Nuttall posted. “Whether it be miles of coastline, endless acres of forest, lakes, rivers, dozens of small costal or inland water falls, wildlife walking across my property; I view these locations and nature without much regard to how lucky I am.”

Ask Maxy

Dear Maxy ,
I work for a company that provides little opportunity for growth and innovation . It frustrates me because I have some ideas that can really help streamline my company's productivity . I am hesitant to share my ideas because upper management has shot down so many ideas from previous employees . I think my ideas will be helpful to the success of the company . Do you think I should share my ideas even if upper management says no ? 
Progress to the People 
Dear Progress to The People,
Don't let others' failures keep you from making your best effort . As you prepare  your productivity pitch to present to upper management, observe what grabs their attention. Notice what topics they seem interested in.  What do they value? What are company policies and guidelines?
As you assess these things, craft a presentation that keeps  upper management interests and concerns in mind and still gets your point across. Make sure you have concrete stats and projections to back up your thinking . And, by all means, make your presentation short and to the point. An over long speech will lose momentum and people's interest.

Dear Maxy ,
I have been attempting to arrange a visit with my sister for a few weeks now . I haven't seen her in a while , and I feel as though my effort is incredibly one-sided . We've been spending less and less time together and I would just like to spend a day or weekend with her ! But whenever I ask what's good for her , she says she'll "tell me when she knows" or that she'll "get back to me ." Is she trying to avoid me ?
We haven't had a fight or disagreement of any sort . I just want to spend some time with my sister and I feel like she's dodging me .She could come visit me too , and the only reason I've been proposing to come to her is because she lives in a bigger city and she wouldn't have to travel .
What can I do to get her to care about seeing me ?
Little Sister is Trying 
Dear Little Sister is Trying ,
Even with family, you cannot convince people to be close if it's not in their makeup. Your efforts are commendable . You may want to go one extra step . Ask your sister  if there  is a reason than she seems to be avoiding  you . It's time to be direct .
Tell your sister  that you have  tried many times to connect  with her, but you feel she always blows you off . Ask her if something has happened or if you have done something to make her distance herself from you.
It may very well be that she is too busy or immersed in work or has some personal problems to work out . This would make anyone distracted and have no desire visit with family.
Perhaps she feels she can't accommodate you comfortably in her home. Give her the benefit of the doubt before you get too frustrated . And ask her if she would come visit you instead.
Tell her you love her and don't want to lose your relationship with her. Family is essential to everyone.

Dear Maxy ,
My husband and I raised raise my three children with very little help from their birth father . He paid no child support and rarely visited them .
Of course , now that the children are adults , Dad is back in the picture . My children are so hungry for what they feel like what they missed that they've left me behind in the dust . I do understand this on a a primitive level , yet it hurts .
I would like people think about how much care is required to raise a family . That "father" didn't take you to the doctor , the orthodontist or any of the other necessary appointments . He didn't go to your school activities and talk to your teachers . He didn't support you as he should have emotional or financially , even when he had the money . He didn't have to instill discipline , especially when one of the reasons you acted out was because you felt abandoned by your father . Now you think he's the greatest thing since sliced bread . 
The Ones Left Behind 
Dear Left Behind ,
You have a good  grasp of your children's emotional need  for their  biological father, even though he abandoned them as children. It is necessary to any one's development and growth as a person to know both parents and to understand where they came from. It is a right of passage that they need to get through. And as you say, they are still hungry for what they missed and for his approval.
Knowing this, you must also know that it will settle down and things will achieve a balance once more. They will always love you and appreciate what you have done for them. They are just a little blind-sided at the moment while in the honeymoon phase of their new relationship with Dad. 
With maturity comes wisdom. All you have to do is be patient. Time is on your side. Don't be bitter or make accusations or you will make biological Dad look even better. Be supportive and understanding. Kids, no matter what age, can never have too many people in their lives who love them.
Be the loving mom and dad you have always been and they will come back to you again. And biological Dad will take a not so prominent place in their lives.

Dear Maxy ,
I work in a small department within a larger corporation . One of my co-workers is a rather large gentleman who has very bad body odor . I am a larger gal myself and I sweat more than others . I know this , so I bathe daily and use antiperspirant . 
This co-worker comes into my office smelling this way , so he probably doesn't shower every morning . He works with the public and I can't help but wonder what kind of an impression he leaves about our department . I am not the only one who has noticed this , but I not comfortable enough to talk directly to this person . Should our supervisor say something ? Please help .
Suffocating in Orlando 
Dear Suffocating ,
Some body odors are hard  to control, so it's best  not to make assumptions . It's possible  that this man bathes  daily  and wears deodorant  and it still isn't enough .
He may have an undiagnosed health problem. There are several illnesses that can produce odors.
Since the public, who do business with him, and his co-workers, who have to spend five days a week with him, are offended by his odor, it becomes a work related matter...not a personal judgment.
Therefore your supervisor should take him aside, in private, and discuss it with him . And hopefully he will suggest a visit to the doctor for a checkup. The supervisor will be helping your co-worker as well as you.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Food for Thought : Last minute Thanksgiving Check

     Most of us are finishing our last minute check off list for Thanksgiving holiday . No matter  if you are traveling  across town or the host of your own family festivities , chances are  you still have  a few things  left to do . This is a time of year where we should  be relaxing  and enjoying  our time with  family , but for some of us , the next few days  will entail a few hectic moments . While the hard part of preparing  the menu  and shopping  should  already  be done , there are  a few  things you can do to make things  go as smoothly as possible .Here are a few tips  for your Holiday  last minute to do list .
    Put together  a few snack size portions  of healthier options  , such as  pretzels , popcorn , trail mix , or yogurt . These are great for  little ones  who just can not seem to wait  those extra  20 minutes  before dinner . They are  also great  to have on hand in case  you get struck in traffic .
    If you are bringing a dish , don't  forget a hot pad  and a serving utensil . And do your best  to bring items  that need  little or no additional preparation in the  host's kitchen .
    If you are hosting , make  sure that all chemicals  are stored away , that knives  and  other hazardous utensils are out of reach of  young children . Watch handles  on the stove  to make sure  they are turned  inward.
    If you are traveling  , make sure  you are properly  refrigerating  foods  by storing  them in  an ice chest  or insulated bag with a cold source .
T is for Turkey on Thanksgiving Day,
H is for “Hurry, I’m hungry!” we say.
A is for Auntie, she works and she mends,
N is for Native American friends.
K is for Kitchen, the oven’s on low,
S is for Silverware, set in a row.
G is for Grandma, the one we love most,
I is for Inside, where we’re warm as toast.
V is for Vegetables, eat them we try,
I is for Ice Cream on top of the pie.
N is for Never do we have enough dressing,
G is for Grandpa, who gives thanks for our blessings.

Author : Maude M. Grant

Happy Thanksgiving 

A proud grand-poppa             G.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Only in Dubai

Most expensive traffic jam in the world



Slightly overindulged billionaires

Lamborghini police cars
Free car delivery
Gold bars from the ATM machine

comfy bathrooms

Cozy bedrooms

grooms Traditional, arranged marriages advertised in newspapers and online

Free food for the unemployed


Marriage counseling, Arab style


High rise tennis court


Stunning views from every window


Not your average Starbucks

paddleCommute to work
camelWalking the dog

Culture clash

White Arctic Wolf...

Often called the "polar wolf" or "white wolf," Arctic wolves inhabit the Arctic regions of North America and Greenland. Thanks to its isolation, the Arctic wolf is not threatened by hunting and habitat destruction in the same way as its southern relatives.  
Arctic wolves are carnivorous hunters. By nature they help to control the populations of other animals in the region like the musk ox, caribou and Arctic hares.
Unlike other species of wolf, the Arctic wolf rarely comes into contact with humans and is not threatened by hunting or persecution.

However, extreme weather variations in recent years have made it more difficult for populations of musk ox and Arctic hares to find food which has caused a significant decline in their numbers. As a result, this has reduced the traditional food supply of the Arctic wolf.
Another and more insidious threat to the Arctic wolves' continued existence is the ever growing industrial development of Arctic territories, as an increasing number of mines, roads, and pipelines encroach on its territory and interrupt its food supply. These factors are endangering all Arctic species.
These beautiful animals cannot protect themselves. It falls to us to be their guardians...If not us ...then who?

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Food for Thought : Creole Thanksgiving meal

Hello viewers that love good food ,I have a confession. Although I love a good meal shared with family and friends, I've never been a fan of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.Dry turkey, jellied cranberries and mushy vegetables? Pass. 
Louisiana take on a traditional turkey dinner, I couldn't be more thankful.
Juicy, seasoned turkey? Cranberries that don't wobble? Vegetables that aren't in casserole form?
Tell me more. Fill my plate.
Here are all the recipes you'll need to prepare your own impressive, Creole Thanksgiving spread.
Oven-roasted turkey injected with Creole butter marinade: 
Serves: 15-20        Cook time: 2 hours
1 young turkey, 15 to 20 pounds 
1 bottle Tony Chachere's Butter Injectable Marinade 
4 tablespoons Tony Chachere's More Spice Seasoning 
2 large onions, cut into 2-inch pieces 
4 stalks celery, cut into 2-inch pieces 
4 large carrots, cut into 2-inch pieces 
1/2 gallon water or chicken stock 
Heat oven to 325 degrees
1 .  Using a large cutting board or work surface, separate the major muscles from the turkey. Remove wings. Remove legs and thighs. Then cut breast away from the backbone. Reserve backbone, cutting into 4 equal pieces with the neck, tail, liver, gizzard and heart. These will be used for stock and/or gravy.
In a large roasting pan, add onions, celery and carrots.
2 .  Carefully inject turkey wings, legs and thighs, and breast with marinade. Inject into meat without going through the skin. Inject in as many places as possible without getting too close to the bones.
Season the outside of each piece of turkey with Tony's seasoning and place the pieces on top of the onions, celery and carrots in the roasting pan.
3 .  Add water or stock to the roasting pan. Cover pan with foil and place in oven. Cook covered for 90 minutes. Roast uncovered for another 60 minutes to brown and crisp skin. 
4 .  Remove from oven and let cool for 15 minutes.
Place wings, legs and thighs on a serving dish. Remove breast from bone and carefully slice. Reserve drippings to make turkey stock and/or gravy.
                           Turkey stock and gravy :
Reserved drippings from roasted turkey pan 
Reserved turkey backbone, cut into four equal pieces and seasoned liberally with Tony's 
Reserved turkey neck, tail, liver, gizzard and heart 
1 onion, diced 
1 yellow bell pepper, diced 
2 stalks celery, diced 
3 cloves garlic, minced 
1/2 cup white wine or water 
2 quarts water 
2 tablespoons olive oil 
Tony Chachere's Brown Gravy Mix

1 .  Heat olive oil in large saute pan over medium-high heat. Place reserved and seasoned turkey backbone and innards into the pan and caramelize for about 15 to 20 minutes or until all pieces are browned.
2 .  Deglaze with white wine or water. Add in onion, bell pepper, celery and garlic. Continue to saute until onions are translucent.
3 .  Add two quarts of water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and continue to cook for an hour. Water can be added in as the liquid reduces if necessary.
2 ..Use the stock after cooking for an hour in the cornbread dressing and stuffing recipes or use the stock to make a gravy.
For gravy, strain the stock, add liquid to pan and thicken to desired consistency with Tony Chachere's Brown Gravy Mix.
                                 Creole cornbread dressing :
Serves: 12     Cook time: 45 minutes

2 packages cornbread mix (prepare your favorite kind ahead)
2 tablespoons olive oil 
1 pound ground pork 
1/2 pound chicken livers, pureed 
2 cups turkey or chicken stock 
1 sweet onion, diced 
1 stalk celery, diced 
1/2 yellow bell pepper, diced 
2 garlic cloves, minced 
1 tablespoon Tony Chachere's More Spice Seasoning 
3 tablespoons Tony Chachere's Brown Gravy Mix 
1/4 cup parsley, finely chopped 
1/4 cup green onions, chopped 

1 .  Heat oven to 350 degrees.
2 .  Prepare cornbread ahead of time using directions on package. This can be done days in advance and refrigerated.
3 .  In a medium pot on medium-high heat, add oil. Once hot, add the ground pork and pureed chicken livers and brown, about 15 minutes.
4 .  Add about 1/2 cup turkey stock, onion, celery, bell pepper and garlic. Cook until onions are translucent, about 10 minutes. Add in remainder of the turkey stock and Tony Chachere's and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low. Follow instructions on brown gravy mix (mixed with cool water first before adding to hot mixture) and add to pot. Allow pork mixture to thicken for about two minutes. Remove from heat and reserve.
5 .  In large mixing bowl, crumble cornbread and add in ground pork mixture, green onion and parsley. Mix well.
6 .  Spray a casserole dish with nonstick spray. Spoon dressing into pan. Place into heated oven and bake for 45 minutes. Remove from oven and serve hot.
                   Stuffing muffins :
Serves: 12        Cook time: 45 minutes
1 loaf French bread, diced 
1/2 stick butter, melted 
2 tablespoons olive oil
1/2 pound button mushrooms, quartered
2 cups turkey or chicken stock 
1/2 cup white wine
1 sweet onion, diced
4 stalks celery, diced
1 yellow bell pepper, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced 
1 tablespoon Tony Chachere's More Spice Seasoning 
2 eggs, beaten
1/4 cup parsley, finely chopped 
1/4 cup green onions, finely chopped

1 .  Heat oven to 350 degrees. Spray a muffin tin with nonstick spray. Set aside.
2 .  Place diced bread on a sheet pan, drizzle with melted butter and place pan in the oven, allowing bread to toast for about 20 minutes. Remove from oven and set aside.
3 .  In a large saute pan over medium-high heat, add in olive oil and allow to get hot. Place mushrooms in the pan and caramelize. Try not to move them around too much, letting the pan do the work. Deglaze the pan with 1 cup turkey stock and add diced vegetables, garlic and seasoning. Cook down until onions are translucent. Add in the last cup of turkey stock and remove from heat.
4 .  In a large mixing bowl, mix the sauteed vegetables and toasted bread. Add the beaten eggs, parsley and green onions and mix until well combined.
5 .  Portion bread mixture into coated muffin pan and place in heated oven. Cook 45 minutes, remove from oven and allow to cool before removing from the muffin tins to serve.
                                      Fresh cranberry sauce :
Serves: 8-10       Cook time: 20 minutes
1 cup white granulated sugar 
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup orange juice
1 tablespoon orange zest 
1 12-ounce package cranberries 

1 .  In a medium saucepan over medium heat, heat the water, orange juice, orange zest and sugar until sugar is dissolved.
Stir in the cranberries and cook until they all start to pop, about 10 minutes.
2 .  Remove from heat and transfer to a bowl. Sauce will thicken as it cools. Serve hot or cold.
Sauteed Brussels sprouts with green beans and bacon :
Makes: 8-10 servings        Prep Time: 25 minutes
1 pound bacon, chopped, rendered and drained; reserve bacon grease 
1 pound fresh Brussels sprouts, trimmed, halved and outer leaves removed 
1 cup water or chicken stock 
1 cup fresh green beans 
1 tablespoon Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning 

Heat large saute pan over medium-high heat.
Toss Brussels sprouts in reserved bacon grease and place cut side down in hot saute pan. Cook for 6 minutes, until caramelized, adding water as needed. Add green beans and simmer for 5 minutes or until green beans are cooked.
Remove from heat and lightly dust with seasoning. Top with crumbled bacon. Serve hot.
                                        Kale butternut squash salad :
Serves: 10 -12         Cook time: 35 minutes
1 bunch kale, washed, removed from rib and broken into bite size pieces 
2 cups butternut squash, roasted and seasoned with Tony's Original Creole Seasoning 
4 clementines, segmented 
4 ounces goat cheese, broken up into pieces
1 cup pecan pieces, toasted 
1 cup pomegranate juice 
1/4 cup Creole mustard
3 tablespoons pepper jelly 
1 tablespoon orange zest 
1-1/2 cup olive oil
Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning to taste 
Place kale into a medium salad bowl. Top with butternut squash, clementines, goat cheese and pecans.
Mix together all ingredients for dressing.
Top salad with dressing just before serving.
Remove clutter from your kitchen and clean out your fridge before you grocery shop for your holiday meals. Be sure to read new recipes all the way through and be sure you have storage containers, foil and plastic wrap for leftovers. Clean as you prep and cook, but don't be afraid to let pans soak so you can spend time with your family. Keep a few simple snacks — a few chunks of nice cheese, smoked sausage, fresh fruit, crackers — on hand through the holiday season, so you'll always have something for unexpected guests to snack on.

Have  a happy and  safe Thanksgiving Day .

A proud Grand-poppa             G .

Thursday, November 19, 2015

19 month old baby can read over 300 words

This 19-month 0ld baby boy can read 300 words .  The 19-month-old baby who can READ! Mind-blowing video shows Carter the child prodigy who has learned more than 300 words... and can even count to 50 Most children get to grips with reading when they start school aged five But 19-month-old Carter has learned to read words with clear articulation Video shows baby boy reading from place cards without making mistakes Mother LaToya said Cater began recognising words at just seven months

Parasitic worm 'increases fertility'

A study of 986 indigenous women in Bolivia indicated a lifetime of Ascaris lumbricoides, a type of roundworm, infection led to an extra two children.
Researchers, writing in the journal Science, suggest the worm is altering the immune system to make it easier to become pregnant. Experts said the findings could lead to "novel fertility enhancing drugs".
Nine children is the average family size for Tsimane women in Bolivia. And about 70% of the population has a parasitic worm infection.
Prof Aaron Blackwell, one of the researchers , from the University of California Santa Barara, told the BBC News website: "The effects are unexpectedly large."
He said women's immune systems naturally changed during pregnancy so they did not reject the foetus.
Prof Blackwell said: "We think the effects we see are probably due to these infections altering women's immune systems, such that they become more or less friendly towards a pregnancy."
He said using worms as a fertility treatment was an "intriguing possibility" but warned there was far more work to be done "before we would recommend anyone try this".

Hook worm

Prof Rick Maizels, a specialist in parasitic worms and the immune system, told the BBC News website: "It's horrifying that the hookworm effects are so profound, half of women by 26 or 28 have yet to fall pregnant and that's a huge effect on life." 
Bacterial and viral infections try to outpace the immune system by having explosive population growth.
But Prof Maizels said parasites did the opposite, "growing slowly and trying to suppress the immune system", which is why they make vaccines less effective and lower levels of allergies.
He suggested hookworm may also be causing anaemia and leading to infertility that way.

'Very surprising'

Prof Allan Pacey, a fertility scientist at the University of Sheffield, said "It is very surprising and intriguing to find that infection with this particular species of roundworm actually enhances fertility."
He said drugs had been tried to alter a woman's immune system to boost IVF, but without success.
He added: "While I wouldn't want to suggest that women try and become infected with roundworms as a way of increasing their fertility, further studies of the immunology of women who do have the parasite could ultimately lead to new and novel fertility enhancing drugs."
I have to say...even as a last resort for getting pregnant... I would not have that thing in my belly.

Best Photo Bomb Ever

Ask Maxy

Dear Maxy , 
An old fliration recently resurfaced in my life, and we're enjoying getting reacquainted . There's even a possibility of a long-term relationship . We are both in our 60s, so a late-in-life romance is fun and comforting .
The problem is, I accidentally discovered his interest in videos of pubescent girls , around 11 or 12 years old . He told me to check a travel video on his computer and I was shocked to see his viewing history --- it also included adult fetish-type imagery . The kid videos had creepy comments from viewers about the young girls' feet . When I told him that anyone could stumble upon his viewing history , he was embarrassed but then said , "I don't see anything wrong with it ." Maxy , I'm not too concerned about the adult fetish content, but kids ? 
We were at the beach once and when a little girl in her wet bathing suit walked into our beachside cafe, he was transfixed, staring at her . I asked him a carefully worded question, saying , "Does any part of your brain tell you that is a child ?' He thought for a second and then said, "No." He also ogles teenage girls , especially if they are wearing "sexy" shoes .
This is troubling me . Also, our sex life is peculiar . We make out furiously , but have never been able to consumate our relationship due to his erectile dysfunction . I have to wonder if he is capable of relating to an age-appropriate woman . He is divorced with two grown children and an 8-year-old granddaughter .
Sad and Worried 
Dear Sad ,
Please, seriously  reconsider this relationship . Your creepy boyfriend sounds like a pedophile with a foot fetish . If his sexual orientation is underage girls with sexy shoes, your bedroom relationship  is doomed . The reason for his
erectile dysfunction is that you are not an underage girl with sexy shoes. 
He is not about to change his sexual predilections at his age. What he is doing on line, going to pedophile websites, may be against the law. And downloading pedophile material is pretty much illegal everywhere.
So you have a decision to make; either you want to buy into his lifestyle so you can enjoy his company, or you want to find a guy with a healthy sexual appetite for a mature woman. There are lots out there. Don't be swayed by your nostalgic sentiment of a past flirtation with him. Face the facts.
Be concerned about his eight year old granddaughter's safety. Her parents should be informed that Grandpa has some  inappropriate ideas about  young girls. If he acted on his impulses, you would have to live with that. The family will not appreciate your disclosure and they may deny it but you can be sure they will keep a closer eye on Grandpa.
Choose wisely

Dear Maxy ,
I am a 17-year-old female . I have been battling with depression since I was young . I have had traumatic events in my life . Both of my parents died before I was 13 . My mother was abusive and my father had to be both mother and father to me . I also have a younger brother . I currently live in a foster care . 
I have recently wanted to learn more about my past . I've been told I should move on and not dwell on what I can't change . But I have a lot of questions and some guilt about how I handled things when I was younger . Am I doing the right thing by pursuing this or am I just hurting myself ? 
Battling with Wanting to Know More 
Dear  Battling , 
I think  you deserve  to know the truth . But  knowing  about your past  involves the bad as well as the good . It may be more hurtful to you than helpful, at this time. It is very common for kids, who were adopted or fostered out, to feel rejected and abandoned by their parents, whether they are living or dead. These feelings are often accompanied by a damaged sense of self esteem and guilt.  You are having a typical reaction to your situation.
First of all, a thirteen year old girl is not guilty of anything. You were an innocent child. Your behavior was a direct response to your mother's abuse. You were not responsible for the way she acted. No one has the right to hurt a child. She, obviously, had her own issues and there was no way you, a little girl, could fix her.
 Before you delve further into this you should definitely speak to a counselor who specializes in helping teens to cope. Go to your case worker or school counselor to get advice or a referral.
When you are  feeling more positive about yourself, it would be helpful to see if you can establish a relationship with your brother. It would be good for both of you to have a bond to family. As for examining your past, wait a couple of years until you have let go of your emotional burden and  healed and can handle the negativity it might produce.
Take care of yourself and write to me anytime,

Dear Maxy , 
I needed a ride to the airport and did not want to pay $60 cab fee . So I went on social media and asked those in my area if anyone was willing to drive me for less . I got an anonymous response and I asked the sender for his Facebook account to see if I was being scammed . This person looked reliable , and I ended getting a safe and enjoyable ride to the airport for $5 . Upon hearing about this , my friends were amazed that I could be so "stupid" and "irresponible" and get a ride from a stranger . I feel like I did my research and was prepared to walk away if I got to the arranged meeting spot and my driver wasn't who he promised to be .
I was thinking adventurously. It's the key to life , and my friends should be more open to different experiences . When asked to explain myself , I said I did not want to pay the high cab rate and wanted to see if the Internet would help me out . I think my friends are being boring and sheltered , and definitely plan on doing this again . Should I not tell them before I go ? I told them before I went previously , just in case , but I want to avoid their judgement .
Bargain on the Road 
Dear Bargain on The Road ,
Sorry , but I emphatically agree your  friends . I think you were lucky you got away with it, this time. Any ride that costs five dollars is not on the up and up. Your friendly driver was looking for something else. What you did was tantamount to hitch hiking. Approximately 2700 women a year, in the USA, are assaulted, murdered and dumped by the side of the road, or simply disappear, as a result of hitch hiking. In other words...getting into a car with a stranger.
 I understand the desire for adventure, but find a safer
outlet .  If you insist on doing this again, tell friends, family or co-workers and let them know where you are going. Call
and give them the licence plate number, make, and color  of the car as soon as you see it. At least they will have a starting point from which to begin their search if you don't arrive. Here is my last word of advice....DON'T.

Dear Maxy ,
I was at a party when I looked over and saw a celebrity rubbing shoulders with me ! This was my first time being near a celebrity in a casual setting and I had no idea what to do . I totally froze and embarrassed myself . I recently relocated to this area and never thought I'd be in the same room as Hollywood stars . I couldn't even introduce myself , even though this person was basically right next to me . I totally made a fumble . How do I present myself properly to celebrities or high-profile people without freezing and making a fool of my self ? I've never even gotten my photo taken, let alone been globally known !
Dear Stargazing,
You are shy. Most of us are, in the presence of famous people. Remember they are humans too. They put their pants on, one leg at a time, they bleed, they eat, burp and they go to the bathroom. Picturing that may help you to reduce them from super beings back to just people. They  want to be treated like regular folks because under all the hype and publicity...that's all they are. 
Just simply saying hello and introducing yourself works best or mentioning the reason for the event. But if you need more, commit to memory a few handy, pleasant 
greetings, ice-breakers and amusing comments and keep them in the back of your mind to fall back on when you get tongue-tied.
Enjoy life,

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Can You Believe it ? Sheldon and Amy Finally Going to Have Sex

They’re really putting the “bang” in The Big Bang Theory this year!
After five long years of dating, a heart-wrenching break-up, and a yet-to-happen make-up, Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) and Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) are finally going to have sex this season.
Big Bang executive producer Steve Molaro issued the following statement to announce the highly anticipated moment: “After over five years of dating, we felt the time was right for Sheldon and Amy to finally consummate their relationship, and we’re so excited for the audience to see the journey over the next several episodes.” 
The coitus-in-question will take place in the episode airing on Thursday, Dec. 17. We'll witness a huge step in both Sheldon and Amy’s lives.

They have guns but we have flowers...French boy's heartbreaking lesson

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Food for Thought : November is National Diabetes Month

Have Type 2 Diabetes? Get Up and Get Active!
By American Association of Diabetes Educators
JBardsleyBy Joan Bardsley, MBA, BSN, RN, CDE

If you are living with type 2 diabetes, regular physical activity can help you maintain your health and manage your blood sugar (glucose) levels.

Physical activity – particularly regular, sustained exercise – causes your muscles to absorb glucose, helping your body manage its blood sugar levels. Exercise can also help improve your mood, reduce stress, and fight depression.

3 Tips for Picking Your Fitness Activity
There is no one program for people with type 

Choosing a program or creating a routine depends more on your current physical ability and health. Here are three tips to help you get started:

1 .    See your diabetes educator and discuss the types and levels of physical activity that would be most beneficial. Also, ask your diabetes educator about the types of food you should eat before and after a workout.
Choose an activity that you enjoy, begin moderately, set goals, and chart your progress.
2 .   Monitor your blood sugar levels. This is always important, but even more so before and after exercise. As your muscles absorb glucose, there is an increased risk of hypoglycemia, making monitoring more important than ever.
3 .   According the National Institutes of Health, you should aim for 30 to 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity most days of the week. Children and teens between 10 to 17 years old who have type 2 diabetes should aim for 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity every day.

Enjoy Yourself!
Between blood glucose monitoring, insulin injections, taking your medications, and changing your eating habits, you may feel hesitant or too burnt out to add another method of self-care to your routine. But don’t look at physical activity as a chore. Instead, look at it as universally beneficial and an opportunity to socialize with others who are want to be active.

Regular activity is one of the AADE7 core areas of self-management care that make up the basis of diabetes self-management education (DSME). The others are healthy eating, monitoring, taking medication, problem-solving, reducing risks, and healthy coping.

Physical activity can be a fun, fulfilling, and effective way to fight diabetes. For more information about the AADE7 and to find a diabetes educator who can help design the most effective physical activity program for you, visit the AADE website.

Joan Bardsley, MBA, BSN, RN, CDE, is 2014 president of the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE), and assistant vice-president of core scientific services for the MedStar Health Research Institute (MHRI). A registered nurse and certified diabetes educator, Bardsley has done diabetes management research; develops and implements training activities for MHRI’s clinical research coordinators throughout the MedStar Health system; and serves as a representative to MedStar’s Chief Nursing Council and Nursing Research Consortium.
Louisiana Chicken Drumsticks and  Tomatoes 
This dish  is healthy  for  people  with diabetes , heart problems  , high blood pressure  , it is  a great all around  meal .
Makes: 4 servings Serving Size: 2 drumsticks, 1/2 cup sauce and 1/2 cup noodles

Nonstick cooking spray
8          chicken drumsticks, skinned

1          14-1/2 - ounce can no salt added stewed tomatoes
1          cup frozen cut ⦁ okra
1          teaspoon dried thyme, ground
1          1/2 tablespoons Louisiana hot sauce, such as Frank's®
1/4       teaspoon salt
1/4       teaspoon black pepper
2          cups hot cooked whole grain noodles

1. Lightly coat a large nonstick skillet with cooking spray and place over medium-high heat until hot. Brown chicken on all sides, about 6 minutes, turning occasionally. Top with stewed 1. tomatoes, okra, dried thyme, 1 tablespoon of the hot sauce, the salt and pepper. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat; reduce heat. Cover and simmer 30 minutes or until no longer pink in center. 
2. Place the chicken pieces on a serving platter. Stir the remaining hot sauce into skillet and spoon sauce over all. Serve with noodles. Makes 4 servings (2 drumsticks, 1/2 cup sauce and 1/2 cup noodles). 

Words of Wisdom :

If you want to know the taste of a pear, you must change the pear by eating it yourself. If you want to know the theory and methods of revolution, you must take part in revolution. All genuine knowledge originates in direct experience.

One of the most beautiful qualities of  true  friendship  is to understand  and be understood .

It is  one of the blessing  of  old friends  that you  can afford  to be  stupid with them .

We  are not human beings  having  a spiritual experience . We are spiritual  beings having  a  human experience .

There was a time when men thought it was sexy to have a housewife waiting for him to come home from work in her slippers, but in modern society, I think an independent woman is even more sexy.

Thanks  Joan
A proud grand-poppa      G.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ask Maxy

Dear Maxy ,
I have been married to "Bruno" for 40 years . During this time , I have found his various porn magazines hidden in multiple places. My reaction has always been to throw them away and not mention it . 
A few months ago , I again found his stash , but this time I left them where he had them hidden . I have discovered he takes the magazines out to look at the women every time I leave the house . Every single time I feel like he is cheating on me . It's very distrubing .
Bruno is otherwise a great guy , but that doesn't make his actions acceptable to me . Evidently , he is never going to stop this behavior and I don't think I can live with it . Now what ? 
Not Good Enough 
Dear Enough ,
For 40 years , you've put  up with this . Now that you know Bruno is looking at these pictures  more frequently  than you suspected , you  are  ready to call  it a day . What did  you think he was doing  with those magazines ? 
Reading the articles ?
Please  understand  that , distasteful  as it is , Bruno's porn  fascination  has  nothing to do with you . And frankly, there is  so much  Internet porn  these  days, including live  video , that checking  out  girlie magazines  seems  fairly  benign .  I'm not  condoning Bruno's porn habit, but it  doesn't  seem to be the type serious  addiction  that makes some men  spend enormous  amounts  of time  and money looking  for increasingly  active methods  of stimulation .
Please  ask yourself  whether  Bruno been a  good husband . Does he pay  attention to you ? Does  he support  you financially ? Is he a  good  companion ? The magazine  porn is only  one part  of  your  life  and  it  doesn't  have to be  the most important part . Please talk to Bruno  about  this . Tell him how much  it bothers you . Ask whether  he would  make a sincere effort  to stop .  Try S-Anon  ( ) for spouses  of porn addicts . Get counseling,  you need it . I don't  think this  is worth throwing  away  40 years of  an otherwise  good marriage .

Dear Maxy ,
I could have written the same letter as "Hopeless and Confused," who said she's been married for 24 years who doesn't show any affection and responds to her requests for deep , meaningful talks with text messages .
Tell her to run , don't walk to a counselor knowledge in diagnosing Asperger's syndrome .
Our counselor helped me move past my 30 years of pain and resentment , helped my husband to understand the ramifications and frustrations of his condition , and best of all , taught us how to lower expectations and move forward in our marriage . We are joyfully celebrating anniversary 37 years in December !
RA in Fla.
Dear RA ,
I remember  the  letter  you speak of  very well . Thank you for suggesting  this possibility  . Asperger's syndrome  is an  autism spectrum disorder , and  common symptoms  include  difficulty  with social skills  and communication . You could  be right  about this man , and "Hopeless should look into it  . More information  is available  through  ( aspergersyndrone. org )     ( )  and  (

Dear Maxy ,
I am very proud of my nails . I take good care of them , and they have grown to be long and strong . I also make sure to cut and file them if they are getting too long and crossing over into unkempt territory . I enjoy getting complimented on my nails , but some people have decided it's their duty to try and rip off my nails as though they are fake . It seems like a backhanded compliment to me , but I do not like hearing , "they're so long , they can't be real !" As someone tries to bend my nails . I have awkwardly laughed this comment off and withdrawn my hand , but I find it incredibly strange . Both men and women have done this , and I try to explain that these are my real nails and I take good care of them , but the comments don't stop . Should I peg this as jealousy or assume this is a hint to make my nails shorter ?
Not Nailing It 
Dear Not Nailing It ,
Whether  you have  artificial  nails  or  natural  nails , it is  incredibly  rude  for someone  to try  to pull  your  nail off . Given how  much you tend  to your  nails, I'm wondering  if  you ever brag  about the  health  of  your  nails . Whether  you do so  consciously  or  not , if you do, you may  want  to  tone that down . Drawing attention  to your  beautiful nails  may be  backfiring  on you right  now . 
That said , the people who are grabbing  at you  do not need an explanation . If someone  reaches  out to  pull your nails  , immediately  and sharply ask not  to touch them .

Dear Maxy ,
It's the time of the year when people come in sick to work . I take many measures to not get sick , but some ill co-workers do not seem to get the hint . I keep hand sanitizer at my desk , along with disinfecting wipes and vitamins . I eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible , drink water and make sure I sleep enough each night . There are some sick people who do not seem to understand that my disinfectants and vitamins are meant for them to stay away , not invite them to my desk to use them ! People come by for hand sanitizer or to get a wipe to clean their keyboards , but they have the germs I am trying to keep away !
I don't want to seem rude and deny anyone , but I do not want to get sick . How do I keep the sicklings away from my desk ?
No days Off 
Dear No Days  Off ,
Speak  to  your  human resources  department  and suggest  that they  provide  some of the cleaning  products  that you currently  have on your desk  for the whole  company .
Argue  that you are attempting  to keep yourself well  as sick people  continue  to come  to work , but you  do not want  to be  the supplier  of  cleaning  supplies  to the office . 
You may also  want  to pit  your  cleaning  items  under  lock and  key  . When people  come to borrow  that proverbial  cup of  sugar  --- in this case, hand sanitizer --- suggest that get their  own .

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Food for Thought : Louisiana State Fair

You  have  a few days  left  to  go and check out  the   State Fair  of  Louisiana .Each year we  flock to the fair  for many reasons  , such as  the rides , the livestock , and  music , but the one thing  we most of us look forward is the food . Although  we don't  necessarily  think of the fair as a place  to get healthy foods , a trip  to the fair doesn't  have to wreck your  healthy eating  plans . Hear are  a few  tips  to help  you to navigate  the fairgrounds  in a healthy way .
1 .  Avoid  impulse  buys  by planning  what you are  going to eat . Take a walk  up and  down  the fairway  a few times  before making  a purchase  . Make  a point to look  at all the  the  menus  and see  what each  vendor  has  to offer . This will help you make a better  selections   and may save  you some  money .

2 .   Watch what you  drink . Liquid  calories  can add  up  quickly  if you are  not  paying  close attention  . Avoid alcohol , soda  and other beverages  that are  full of  sugar  are  also full of  calories . Opt for water  , choose  a small size  to share .

3 .  If  you  look for  healthier options , you are  likely  to find them . Grilled  meats  and  vegetables  are  common  place  on most  midways   these  days . Don't  go to the  fair  super  hungry  , as  you may  be  more  likely  to over eat .  Remember  that  sharing  can be  a good  thing .

Words of  Wisdom :

Vulnerability is the essence of romance. It's the art of being inculcated, the willingness to look foolish, the courage to say, 'This is me, and I'm interested in you enough to show you my flaws with the hope that you may embrace me for all that I am but, more important, all that I am not.'

The real lover is the man who can thrill you just by touching your head or smiling into your eyes - or just by staring into space.

Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.

I'm not concerned with your liking or disliking me... All I ask is that you respect me as a human being.

I'll never stop dreaming that one day we can be a real family, together, all of us laughing and talking, loving and understanding, not looking at the past but only to the future.

In my deepest, darkest moments, what really got me through was a prayer. Sometimes my prayer was 'Help me.' Sometimes a prayer was 'Thank you.' What I've discovered is that intimate connection and communication with my creator will always get me through because I know my support, my help, is just a prayer away.

Many times, the decisions we make affect and hurt your closest friends and family the most. I have a lot of regrets in that regard. But God has forgiven me, which I am very thankful for. It has enabled me to forgive myself and move forward one day at a time.

A proud Grand-poppa                G .