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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Hello Kitties

white cat hidden on wooden chair
wet cat no bath
NOOOOO!!  Don't wanna !!
cats disguised Hello Kitty
 We' re 'Besties'
cat sleeping bathroom sink weird position
 Witchy ! Have you been sleeping in the sink again ??
cat rabbit ears
 First Cabbit ever born
cat costume samourai
 One of  Nanook's Climate Knights
cat innocent toilet paper
 You'll laaaaugh when we tell you what happened.
six british shorthair kittens and parents
Okay, which one's Daisy again ??
cat hiding trying to get out
 The coast is clear. Let's go eat the canary.
cat no respect for personal space
Look me in the eyes when you say that.
cat washing teeth no personal space
Allow me, you'll thank me later
cat in christmas tree
Just trying to blend in
cat feel good in box
 Ahhhh, at last. I always wanted my own apartment
Cat sleeping toilets
You want to do WHAT ??
angry cat disguised ewok
Okay, What am I supposed to be ??
Two cute exotic shorthair kittens in blue and white cups
 Please tell humans to stop putting us in cups. It's really old.
white cat pumpkin orange bowtie
Hallow ... what ??

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Priceless moment : Two 8-week-old baby girl says "I love you" to her mom

There's nothing cuter than a baby mumbling his or her first words! Sure, it's usually "Dada" or "Mama," and it's normally at around 10 months, but parents cannot wait for this milestone. 

These two  infant seemed to hit her milestone only a little early -- at 8 weeks, to be exact! In the adorable video, the mom records her infant smiling and cooing at her praises. Then out of nowhere, the newborn girl responds with a sweet "I love you," back! 

Watch the sweet moment unfold in the videos above! 

Monday, January 29, 2018

What is the most dangerous place in the world ??

North Sentinel Island, India, Andaman Islands

North Sentinel Island is a small cute looking island right? Wrong, it is part of India but no Indian or any other civilized human has ever gone there and lived. It is home to the sentinelese people who are probably the most primitive and dangerous tribe out there. They are completely isololated from the world, they dont have a clue what  metal is and they have such a primitive immune system adapted exclusively to their island that a simple cough might kill them. It is so dangerous because of the aggresiveness of the people towards foreigners and it is officially illegal to go within a 20km radius of it. During the peak of the British colonies, the English tried to conquer North Sentinel Island in a peculiar non-violent way. They took 6 people from the island (4 children and 2 adults/elders) and brought them to England to show them how great it was so they too, if they gave them their island, could be a part of it. Unfortunately they died of a cold. And when the English came back to give them the bodies, the Sentinelese People angrily killed them. They have never forgotten this after 300 years and still loathe everything outside their island. When two fishermen were fishing around the Andaman islands they got drunk. This led to them falling asleep and the boat drifting away. It drifted away to North Sentinel Island where they were brutally murdered by the people. The Indian goverment sent a helicopter to retrieve their bodies but failed since the Sentinelese people started SHOOTING ARROWS at the helicopter. That is the most dangerous place in the world.
 However, one of the most important reasons people are prohibited from  going near the island is to protect the sentinelese people. They number less than two hundred and if someone from the outside world were to accidentally sneeze on them then the entire tribe could be wiped out. They have no immunity to most of the diseases from the outside world  because they have had no contact with anyone from off the island.
 They are still completely in the primitive state they were thousands of years ago with no knowledge of the progress or technological advancement that has occurred all around them. They are protected because, as they are now, so once were we. They  are a window into the human past and of great interest to anthropologists and the scientific community.
But don't make any plans to vacation there .... Just saying.