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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year

 Happy New Year  to all our readers  and followers .

Maxy ,  'The Genie  , Witchy , Poppa


  1. Happy New Year ,
    Maxy , Genie , Witchy and Poppa .

    Ardis , Kathy and Too Small and lots more that to numerous to mention .

    Ardis Whittin

    1. Happy New Year,
      Ardis , Kathy , Too Small and the numerous others . May this year be fill with joy , peace and happiness .
      Thank all of you for your support .

    2. Happy and Prosperous New Year to Ardis, Kathy and their family and friends who have given us much support and food for thought. And a Special Happy New Year to 'Too Small', who we think is a very special guy.
      Thank you all

  2. Happy New Year Aunty and Genie
    Your sweet niece

    Dear Maxy,
    I am a college student about to go throuth sorority recruitment . There have been a few envents where I can meet the members of Greek organizations . I have tried to attend these events alone , but one of my friends regards me as an "expert" and insists on going to every event with me . I am not an expert in any way ! I just feel comfortable meeting people I would like to get to know new people without someone clinging to me , but I am not sure if I am being overly sensitive . I would like to do this alone . Should I be mad at my friend for not understanding that I am trying to meet people alone ? I try not to talk about my schedule , but she constantly brings it up whenever she shes me walking down the hall . Should I ask her to stop tagging along , or should I feel some sympathy for her during this hectic time ?
    Recruitment Woes

    Dear Maxy,
    My adult son constantly invites my husband and me to come to his music performances . He is independent now , but he seems to have held onto the elementary notion of wanting his parents to come to his shows . We have just moved four hours away , so we could theoretically see a weekend show , but this requires the funds and willpower . We have watched him play the flute for over 20 years , and as parents , we are ecstatic that he seems to have found his passion in music . However , he pouts and stomps when we tell him that we will be unable to to make a performance . I have not told my husband how my son responds when I say we cannot come , so my husband assumes our son is alright with this change . How do I come clean to everyone about my son's exhausting behavior ? He is much closer to 30 than 20 , and he needs to let his parents off the hook .
    No more shows

    Dear Maxy ,
    I realize this is is a common issue , but I still could use some advice . When my first son married , his wife was loving and involved with the family . When the babies were born , we continued a warm relationship . Now their children are older , however , my daughter-in-law is cold and distant , and she is not interested in interacting with our extended family .
    She grew up in a troubled family and seemed very happy to join ours . But not anymore . We live nearby and other than chance meetings , occasional help with the children and family holidays , we seldom see my son . We was told early on that we was not to visit unannounced , and we never have . If we didn't attend the grandchildren's school functions , we would never see them .
    It seems our daughter-in-law just doesn't like us and wants minimal contact . Are we asking too much ? Are we living in the past ? Is there anything that can be done to improve the situation ? You're advised parents in our situation to find other interests . I think if the young couple would imagine our situation in their future , they might realize the extent of their hateful behavior .
    Crying Mother


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