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Monday, December 14, 2015

What do polar bears dream about ?

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio have shared an adorable video titled 'What do polar bears dream about' of a 5-week-old baby polar bear sleeping on their Facebook page.

The female cub, who weighs just four pounds and measures 16 inches long and makes sounds of "contentment" according to her keepers.


  1. Aunt Jenny , baby polar bears have dreams of playing and having fun until they wake up and find their time is limit on earth .
    The climate control people all agree on saving the planet . I told mama they said that so they can go home for Christmas . just a lot of silly and dumb promise like all the other promises . you can see a little change with the way people think here .
    We can not see the change in the big people , I told the kids at mama meeting , we will have to take the ball and run with it , the leaders of climate change is to busy talking about change and not doing anything about it .
    I am going to do as my mama do , if I am not going to do anything , I will shut up and let other people do it .
    I told them it is not hard to take a stand about what you believe in.Poppa said always do your best , sometime things you want to do , something happen and you can not do it and always remember family come first . the family that deserve your help . Poppa is so funny he makes us laugh . Poppa and man was wrestling on the floor , daddy came in the family room and told Man to get off his poppa before he hurt him . Daddy know Man can not hurt poppa wrestling . Daddy sit in his chair and Man went and wrestle daddy . They are so funny .
    Thank you aunt Jennie , what do you think Polar bears dream about ?
    I love you very much , feel better for the holidays .

  2. Hi Jenny
    You are right on two counts...polar bear cubs have no idea their days are numbered. They just dream of milk and cuddling, big blue sky and cold blue water and big ice flows, sparkling like diamonds.
    The other thing you are right about is that the people running the climate conference wrapped things up as quick as they could to get away. They made a lot of big promises this time and I bet they don't keep half of them.
    It is very hard for people who grew up in the twentieth century to change their wasteful ways and to change their attitude about fossil fuels. You kids of the twenty-first century see things much clearer already and you care more about saving the planet than the generation of today. I think putting a stop to global warming will be the one of the most important things your generation does.
    Always stand up for what you believe in my luv. I heard you stood up and spoke your mind at the school meeting. I am proud of you for that. Be true to yourself. You may be one of the great Climate Crusaders of your time. You and Tyger.
    Guys make me laugh. They all like to wrestle with each other. My two sons always tried to take uncle Brian down. And then I had eight grandsons and there was always a big pile of guys rolling around on the family room floor. I had to jump in sometimes to save a lamp or a vase from crashing.
    But you have to laugh at them. They don't know how funny they are.
    Maybe that's how they show love for each other. They can't be all kissy-face like girls are. We are never embarrassed about hugging or kissing someone.
    I love hearing from you. You are one of my heroes because you care about our bears and are trying your best to help them. That's what heroes do.
    Have a great Christmas and a fun holiday. Thank you for the get well wishes.
    Lots of love to you and your family
    Aunt Jeannie


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