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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Woman Searches For Unknown Sister After Finding Water-Damaged Note At Dad’s Grave

A woman is desperately searching for the sister she never realized she had after discovering a water-damaged note left by her father’s grave.
Sue Gallagher, 65, was stunned to read the letter written by a woman who signed her name only as Jodi. The grandmother-of-three could only decipher that herself and Jodi apparently shared the same father, Victor Edwards.

Part of the note said: “I would really like to know as much about Victor as possible as I believe it is important to know where you come from.”
But Jodi’s contact details, written on the back of a graveyard map, had washed away in the rain.
Sue’s father, Albert Victor Edwards, was killed aged 37 on Christmas day in 1965, and was buried in the West Ham cemetery in east London.

Sue, who was born in Stratford but now lives in Birmingham with husband Dennis, 71, made every effort to recover the missing words and attempt to contact the woman.
But she hasn’t had any luck in two years. Sue said: “I asked the cemetery office if they saw her, but they said they didn’t, so I left my details in case she came back.
"I have asked all of my family and called as many Jodi’s as I could find the internet but I’ve come back with nothing.”

Sue was one of five children to her mother and truck driver dad. But her father, known locally as Vic, went on to have three more children with second wife Pauline Pearl Ward, who was later convicted of manslaughter for his death.
The third child of Vic and Pauline was put up for adoption, according to relatives, and Sue believes this may be Jodi.

Sue said: “I feel that I need to find her, she is out there and she might not have any other siblings and she wanted to know about her father.
"I have all sorts of stories to share with her, the good, the bad and the ugly.”
Vic was strangled to death by Pauline, when young Sue was just 15-years-old.
Sue explained she wouldn’t be surprised if she did have extra siblings, because he was a bit of a ladies’ man but loved in the community.

She believes, because of the date of her father’s death, Jodi must be at least 50-years-old.
Originally she thought Jodi lived in east London, but since she never returned to the grave, she may live further afield. 
Sue said: “I was born in Stratford but I now live in Birmingham and everyone else in my family lives in Sheffield - we all move about the country. So Jodi could be anywhere. I do hope I find her.”
We hope so too Sue....Best of luck


  1. It would wonderful and thrilling for them both ... I do hope destiny prevails .
    Good post .

    PS: Maxy's answers are in draft and Dad said to go to WAG

  2. It is easier to find people these days. There are resources that were not available when they were children.
    Thank you
    Love PIC


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