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Saturday, October 17, 2015


Wolf sculpture made out of pipe cleaners

Ships stranded in the Bermuda Triangle

Ever wonder where Hitler got his infamous moustache?
He had to cut his handlebar moustache to fit into a gas mask

The wedding dresses that won the prize for most horrific bad taste


Don't do this to your eight year old
New species of giant jellyfish

Fire tornado Australia

Giant Earth Worms in Australia can grow to nine feet long


  1. Great post , love the wolf , those dresses are awful , they should have there ass kicked . People will do anything for a dollar . Shameful .
    What a big damn worm Hahahahaha .

  2. Hahahaha! Those dresses knocked me off my chair. Where did they get the nerve and the horrible taste to make them. It puts women to shame . You wouldn't want to see your groom with a fake penis sewn to the front of his tuxedo..
    I never thought I would be scared of a worm. I wonder how they taste barbecued
    Love ya


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