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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Why Kate and the Queen are not Best Buds

 Queenie is a little disgusted with Kate


Topless photos of Kate Middleton appeared in a French magazine a few years back. It’s safe to say that The Queen probably didn’t like that too much.


More likely it is because of Kate's frequent 'bum' exposures

You should never go out in public without knickers if you are a princess.

Apparently, Kate's hair is always untidy and she fusses with it constantly

The Queen apparently once ordered the Duchess to chop off four inches of her hair.

Kate doesn't have a proper job like the other Royals. 
The Queen reportedly told members in her inner-circle that she disapproves of Middleton not having a proper career, opining that the Duchess is more interested in socializing than doing any actual work.

 The queen does not like the fact that Kate does not wear dress weights

The queen thinks Kate spends far too much money on herself

Queenie believes Kate's skirts are much too short

Kate used her royal name to get her sister a cushy job
The royal family reportedly thinks Kate’s sister Pippa was only hired as an NBC lifestyle/health features correspondent because of her access to the palace and Queen.

The queen has been heard to say that Kate is frivolous and avoids her royal duties

When Middleton was struck down by morning sickness in 2014, The Queen reportedly told her to get out of bed and “do her duty”.

During an exhibit of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, The Queen was caught on tape muttering: “I don't like it. I don’t approve of this.” Ouch.

Maybe Kate better put her panties on and behave


  1. Hi Genie and Aunty ,
    The Queen is within her rights . Kate needs tone it down a bunch , she is acting very low class .
    Every knows what William has .
    Great post on the royals going down the drain .
    2 from Kathy , 2 from Poppa Garden (staff )
    Genie hope you are improving more each day .

    Dear Maxy ,
    I got a call over the weekend from a guy I used to have a crush on . Nothing ever happened and this was years ago , when I saw his name on the phone , my heart fluttered . I did not answer because I was busy hanging out with my family . I'm sure he called for a business reason . We have worked on projects together in the past . He is totally on the up-and-up. It's me who is all hot and bothered about it . I know it's professional for me to call back , but I don't want to sound crazy . How can I get my professional voice on when I automatically think about dating him ? We are both in long term relationships. It my body that kind of takes over and gets me all upset .
    Hot and Bothered

    Dear Maxy ,
    My stepmother never went to college . Now that my sister has almost graduated and I am headed off to college , she has gotten hostile whenever we mention higher education . she rudely questions us whenever we talk about what we want to learn about or even read . My mother and father both have master's degrees , but my stepmother worked after high school , she works in a skilled trade that she learned , and she really loves it . She makes good money , and we have never belittled her . How can we deflect her cattiness when we are doing anyting wrong ?
    Scholarly Struggles

    Dear Maxy ,
    I had my high school graduation party at a local restaurant (because our house is too small) . My father claimed he was unable to pay for it and insisted I cover the bill , close to $1,300 saying he will pay me back later .
    I realize that my parents business goes through hard times , but dad still manages to eat out frequently . He's terrible with money and I'm not sure he will ever pay me back . I told him That I expected complete repayment by the middle of August and if I didn't get it , I'll start by selling his vast collection of unused music instruments . He dosen't believe me .
    I am paying for my first year of college through grants , scholarships , from savings and the money I earn from my job .
    I never expected anything from my parents because I knew they can't afford much . But I had no idea I was going to be stuck with the bill for the party .
    What do I do ?
    Farmer's Daughter

    Dear Maxy ,
    My husband's parents lives several states away . They both are in poor health , one worse than the other . I fear that when one passes away , my husband will want us to move and take care of the other one .
    We have two young children and this would involve us leaving our jobs . When we visit I am miserable the entire time and have no desire to move .
    We could not ask the remaining parent to move , either , because they both have jobs as well .
    Our marriage is struggling right now , so living in separate states would not help us repair our problems . And then there's the fact that I would want my husband to do this for his parents . So how can I deny him this ?
    Unhappy Wife

    1. Hi Nee
      I agree. Kate seems to be getting naughtier as time goes by. She seems to be thumbing her nose to the royals and all their rules.
      William should have a wee talk with her. On the other hand, maybe Will likes that she wears no panties. Maybe he goes commando.
      Thank you for the letters and well wish
      Your friendly neighborhood Genie


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