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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Internet freaked out after 'demon baby' appears in 4D ultrasound

The creep levels in this photo are off the charts! (Photo: Imgur)The creep levels in this photo are off the charts

When 4D ultrasounds were introduced nearly two decades ago, expecting parents were thrilled! Having the option to see every shape and curve of an unborn child was far more exciting than a blurry, grey 2D scan. 
But some parents are now reconsidering the more expensive option – 3D and 4D ultrasounds are generally offered through private clinics – after a nightmare-inducing image was posted on Reddit by the parental couple.

One husband stated, “Wife and I went to get a ‘4D’ ultrasound of our unborn child. Saw this picture. Changed our minds. The photo  looks to be the demon child of Skeletor from the 80s cartoon, He-man".
The frightening image shows a photo of the unborn baby with hollow eyes, fangs and a skeletal nose, looking directly at the camera with a sinister grin. The unborn baby, which is identified as a girl in another scan, also appears to be hoisting up a beer bottle.
The Reddit post spurred a host of comments, which ranged from fearful to sarcastic.
“Is there such a thing as a prenatal exorcism?” one poster wrote.
“The 4th dimension is whichever one this creature came from,” another commenter posted.
Ultrasounds, which are also called sonograms, are a noninvasive diagnostic test that uses sound waves that form a visual image of the baby, placenta, and uterus. It’s a common practice that helps expecting parents and doctors get a sense of how the fetus is developing.
3D and 4D ultrasounds were introduced in 2000, giving parents the option of seeing their baby in more detail. Most hospitals don’t offer the service. Instead, private clinics allow expecting parents to arrange viewing parties with family and friends, complete with photos of their babies, who some times end up looking like a creature from another dimension. I found it damn spooky. Sometimes, ignorance really is bliss. You take your chances when you have a kid anyway, never knowing exactly what is going to come out. That baby is a mother's nightmare.

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