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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Unbeelievable..Bee High Fives Rescuer

A man discovered a large and very dehydrated European bumblebee hanging out in his kitchen. 
Instead of freaking out and moving the bee outside, he helped rehydrate it and they exchange a friendly goodbye.
Dolph C. Volker, who is an animal advocate and the author of Dire Encounters: Man Meets Wolf, noticed that the bee hanging around and he was quick to help get it on it’s way.
Volker filled the base of his palm with wild honey and then picked up the bee so it could consume it.
He filmed the entire encounter and it definitely has the internet buzzing.
During the video you can see the bee consuming the honey, so focused it doesn’t even flinch when Volker strokes and pets its back.  
When the bee is satisfied, Volker takes it outside to set it free, but not before they exchange a friendly high-five.

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