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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Food For Thought ---- 'Honey'

September is  National Honey Month , and there is no better time to enjoy one of nature's sweetest treats . Each year , American  concume a little more than a pound of honey . While there are a  variety of honeys'  available , usually the darker the honey , the more antioxants it contains .

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy honey this month and the months to come  :

Honey has slightly more calories than table sugar  , but it is much sweeter . You don't have to add as much to get to get the same sweetness.

Add a touch of honey to salad dressings , to granola or oatmeal .

Try honey to glaze pork , chicken or other poultry .

Never give honey to a child under two-years old .

For better baking results , make sure you measure ingredients correctly . Here are a few tips :
*    Always use a liquid measuring cup ... one with a pouring tip ... for liquid ingredients . Place the cup on a flat surface  and check the amount at eye level .

*   Use measuring cups that can be level with the back of a knife for dry ingredients . These come in graduated sets for different measurements .

Enjoy  eating and cooking with honey ... it's one of nature's national sweeteners .

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