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Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Shadows overtake the day and dusk softly steals the light away.
I see the maple tree needs trimming, see the lilacs wilt and fade.
Musing, on the threshold of the twilight of my life;
The gloaming, the brief hour between sundown and the night.
Was I compassionate enough and kind ?  Did I do more harm or good?
 Looking back, I wonder, did I cherish, did I hold them as closely as I should?
Will they think of me and smile, remembering happy summer days
Or recall with melancholy, every frown and wounding phrase?

I see the ivy's overgrown and the sunflower's gone to seed.
The  roses, speckled brown, fight for space among the weeds.
There's no certainty that I fulfilled my loved ones' every need.
I can't turn back the clock, erase mistakes and try again,
 But there's still time to draw them near, embrace their dreams, 
To make amends.

As for my dreams, well, some came true and some have flown.
I am not sorry. I cannot  truly miss what I have never known.
And if now and then, for just a moment, I pause, a little sad,
I see a humming bird among the lilacs and think, life is really not so bad,
And the scent of  fragile, lilies of the valley reminds me that I should be glad.
I did tolerably well and squarely faced my own ordeals.
So I continue on my journey to find what wisdom it reveals.

And as I cross the threshold of the twilight of my life,
 I do not fear the coming of the black and boundless night.


  1. Just beautiful my dear Lady , so glad to see you are writing again .
    I think everyone will remember how nice and gentle you are . Nee keeps me inform on how you are doing . I must say I am very proud off you for taking a stand in your life where matters and love mean the most to you .
    I told Nee I knew you would take a stand when something you love was being yanked away from you . It's so nice that you have more contact with your twins . Now my lady you can relaxed from the stress in that part of your life things will continue to get better .
    Nee also told me your son stopped by to see you and I think all this is happening because you offered an olive branch and you came out ahead . Stay strong and hold on to your beliefs that make you happy . Remember you have feeling too and they should be respected as you respect others .
    Hugs and love

  2. Thank you HB
    I appreciate your comment and your support. It's too bad we can't go back and fix things. Wisdom always seems to come a bit too late. But sometimes things work themselves out. I have learned that patience pays off. I wish I had more of it.
    Love and hugs


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