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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ellen DeGeneres' message for Americans who want to move to Canada

Ellen's message for Americans who want to move to Canada

With the U.S. election season in full swing, Ellen DeGeneres has some sound advice for anyone considering heading north of the border if the polls don’t go their way.
“So You Want to Move to Canada, Eh?” was inspired by the recent surge in online searches by Americans interested in immigrating to Canada.

The tongue-in-cheek segment, supposedly an “official” message by the people of Canada, responds to the uneasiness some have felt at the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency. 
Trump is now the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, leading some concerned U.S. citizens to look into an escape plan. DeGeneres’ clip features Guy LeBlueBlah, the Secretary for Canada’s highly prestigious “Real Canadian Bureau of Immigration.”
LeBlueBlah notes the many benefits of life in Canada: clean air, our famous niceness and the recent election of Justin Trudeau, who he describes as a “super hot non-bananas Prime Minister.” 
But LeBlueBlah has a firm message for Americans looking to move: “We Canadians say no. Leave us the f**k out of it.”
DeGeneres also offered her own advice to anyone worried about Trump.
“You know what’s easier than moving to Canada is voting. That would be a lot easier,” she said. “Everybody get out and vote.”

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