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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Food for Thought : March is National Kidney Month

      March is National Kidney Month and the National Kidney Foundation  is urging all Americans  to get a kidney checkup. According  to the foundation's website , approximately  26 million people  in this country suffer  from chronic  kidney disease . And unfortunately , many people  do not know  they have kidney  because  often there  are no symptom's  until the disease  has progressed . Kidneys are  small bean-shaped  organs , about the size  of your  fist . They're responsible  for filtering your  blood  and ridding your  body of waste . They also regulate  many vitamins , minerals and electrolytes  such as calcium  and potassium . Although  kidney disease  is on the rise  , we don't hear as much about it  in the media . Some of the  risk factors for kidney disease  include : high blood pressure  , heart disease  , obesity , family history  and over the counter  pain medications . Celebrate  National Kidney Month 
 with the following  tips  to help keep your kidneys  healthy .
      Stay hydrated  by drinking  plenty of  fluids  . Watch your intake of salt .

      Know the signs  and symptoms  of  kidney disease  and report them to your  doctor . Fatigue  , weakness , difficult or painful urination  , increased thirst , swollen face , hands , abdomen or feet , pink or  dark urine  and increased thirst  are all signs  and symptoms .

      Monitor your  blood pressure  , cholesterol  and  glucose  {blood sugar}.

      If  you have  a family history  or  are at risk  for kidney  disease  , get a check-up by your  doctor .
                                     Chicken ‘n Orange Salad Sandwich 
Lunch, Low Phosphorus, Low Potassium, High Protein, Low Sodium                   Makes  6 servings 

1        cup Chopped cooked chicken 
1/4     cup Onion (finely sliced) 
1/2     cup Celery (diced) 
1        cup Mandarin oranges 
1/2     cup Green pepper (chopped) 
1/3     cup Mayonnaise

1. Toss chicken, celery, green pepper, and onion to mix.
2. Add mandarin oranges and mayonnaise.
3. Mix gently.
4. Serve on bread.

A proud grand-poppa         G.


  1. Thank you HB
    Kidney disease awareness is not at the forefront of health concerns. It does not get the press that heart disease and cancer get but it is just as deadly. And it is heart breaking to watch a loved one suffer from it.
    The chicken salad was good.I added a little chipotle mango spice to the mayo to give it a bit more kick and sweetness. It worked quite well.
    Love and hugs

  2. You are very welcome my Lady ,
    This post was ready to be posted in December , I try to have my post ready when the times comes .
    There are so many people that suffer from so many diseases ,March is National Kidney month and maybe this will help readers on this site also the red thing look up more information on the subject .
    I ask people what they will like to hear or read about , got great feedback .
    I do so think you and Nee is helping a lot of people with the diabetic posts, Nee has a great following here .Joanna is a great writer , I asked her would she write something about the heart , old Jon suffered from heart problems and cancer , Joanna writes for the Forum for the last 20 years I think .
    Glad to be of service my lady .
    Hugs and love


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