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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Easy but Attractive DIY Projects for Craft Challenged People.....On a Budget

20 DIY Ideas To Use Old Stuff - Home Improvement Projects | NewNist home improvement ideas #home #diy:
Candle holders from old pieces  found in the woods and Gorilla Glue
self made concrete blocks garden
Cinder block garden...I don't like the color choice but use your imagination
diy regained jeans pocket pen bags
 Jeans pockets for pencil holders on a bulletin board...and jeans legs for containers or plant pot holders. Just get  yourself a good hot glue gun.
diy PVC pipe shoes storage idea
PVC pipes glued together for shoe organizer or underwear, socks and toys in a kids room.
Use a heavy duty glue. or drill holes and attach together with screws and nuts
reclaimed pallet crate makeup rack
Recycled wooden crates make great shelves. And they can be painted any crazy color to brighten up a bathroom or kids' room.
reclaimed wood and wiring pipe cloth rack
Easy to build plumbing pipe clothing rack. It's screwed to a scrap wood platform or an old pallet . And if you feel creative, add a couple of shelves. This unit is great for a teen's room.
upcycled pallet kitchen shelf
Up-cycled old pallet for a kitchen shelf
 Another use for an old pallet is a vertical garden in a small space .
reclaimed pallet wood ideas
 More pallet ideas for students or young singles on a tight budget
handcrafted garden bird feeders
 How about these tin can bird feeders . Make sure you use non toxic paint
upcycled shoes vertical garden
 Cute idea and they have a plethora of acrylic and plastic paints that will stick to boots
reclaimed bottle table runner
Don't get rid of those beer bottles. Get out your Christmas lights and create lighting for your outdoor tables.

Have confidence! You can make these cratfs at very small material cost. So it doesn't matter if you botch a can try again. I will be on the lookout for more projects for craft challenged people on a budget. Have fun.

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