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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Food for Thought : See You Later Gator

To all the friends and readers of Food for Thought  ... Grand-poppa  has  to take a leave of  absent  , not to worry he will be back as soon as possible  . 

Some important matters that need his personal attention . 

To the ones here that know him personally , the family  thinks you  for being so kind .



  1. I hope Dad is okay and his absence is not due to a health problem.
    Love and best wishes

  2. DAD is doing good under the circumstances ...Sal died in sleep Tuesday night , he had a smile on his face .

    Sal went to the doctor Monday and the doctor told him he was in good health . He told Dad he was thankful Edmond was here among his family and he was tired and he had finish his last chore .
    Everything here is good . I am not sure when Dad will be back . Hope everything is better with you .
    Love and thank you for being concerned .


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