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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cute Easter Bunnies

Two different versions of the same pattern: a very simple version and another one with arms and legs and a more detailed face. The simple version is really very easy – absolutely perfect for beginners. And the other version is only a tiny little bit more  fiddly – but not really difficult.

First download the >>> RevoluzZzionary Easter Bunny pattern and print it – cut it out, chose your fabric, pin the pattern on the fabric and cut out:

Simple Easter Bunny:
When you want to stitch the face of your bunny on a fabric it’s good to iron some  interfacing on the inner side of the fabric:
Now make your little bunny a unique face – maybe some cute cheeks, maybe with a little pout. Whatever your like. And you could give your bunny a heart now :-)
Before you sew the front and back of your bunny together, you serge the bottom of the bunny – where you will close it later with a blind stitch. And then: pin the front and the back together – of course the outside in. Sew the parts together and cut the parts between the ears and on the neck. Then serge everything:
And now the most exciting part comes: Turn your bunny inside out!
That’s it! Now you fill your bunny with doll wadding, use a popsicle stick for the ears and close your new friend with a blind stitch.
This cute bunny is perfect for Easter decoration – but it’s also perfect as a toy for babies. It’s perfect for little hands to grab . And it gets even more exciting for babies when you put a rattle in the bunny tummy. OK, that was really easy. Now try the other version.
Easter Bunny Two:
Use the same pattern as before for the body and cut the arm and legs pattern as well. If you want a felt face – cut that one too. Sew the felt face on the bunny – if your machine doesn’t have that special quilt stitch you can just as easily use a zig zag stitch or whatever you like. Then stitch the little face just the way you like it. If you don’t want a smiling mouth – Do a little upside-down vee.


Now pin the the arms and legs outside in, sew them together, serge the edges, turn them inside out and fill them with doll wadding. Use a popsicle stick to reach all parts of the arms and legs.
OK, now it’s getting serious :-)
Some handcrafters pin everything together: the front and back of the body together with the arms and the legs. That’s fine but I don’t do it that way.
First I serge the edges where I will close the body later with a blind stitch. Then I mark with a vanishing pen the points where I want my arms and legs.
I pin front and back of the body together, insert the first arm and – start sewing. I insert the other arm just below the point which I marked.
The same with the legs. Then I cut the parts between the ears and on the neck and serge the edges of the bunnie’s body with a zig zag stitch. This fixes the arms and legs – so rough little kids won’t be able to amputate arms or legs from the bunny .
Another exciting moment: Turning your new friend inside out.
Now you are almost finished. You only have to fill your bunny with wadding, close it with a blind stitch – and that’s it!
And when you really love your bunny – you make it some cute accessories – maybe a scarf? Or a felt collar like I did. If it’s a bunny boy, I’m sure he would like to have some nice pants. Or if it’s a bunny girl – what about a cute skirt? Or an apron? I’m sure there are many things that come to your mind :-)


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