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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Things to look for at flea Markets or little country antique shops

 Summer is here and that's antiquing season so forgo new (and expensive) furniture and accessories in lieu of these quality finds with vintage appeal. Flea Markets, country antique shops and even yard sales can deliver treasures and the fun is in the search.
Vintage Hungarian pickling jars
These large clear or green glass containers are perfect for everything from floral displays to terraniums to collections of sea shells or rocks. Group two or three of them together for maximum effect. They even look beautiful just left empty on a console table or on open kitchen shelves.
sap buckets and vintage coffee tins, planter
Keep your eye out for galvanized sap buckets and colorful vintage coffee tins. These containers make the perfect plant holder for everything from fresh cut flowers to succulents to potted ferns. You can often pick them up for a just a few dollars each!
 mirrors wall art
If you’re looking for a way to decorate a wall, and a piece of art isn’t in your budget, consider filling the space with antique mirrors. You can either look for pieces that all work together, or paint them out in a matching hue. To make arranging the mirrors a snap, trace out each mirror onto craft paper and then tape up the paper shapes until you find an arrangement you like. (Oh and look at what that plant is placed on — an antique capital!)
Vintage console table
Architectural remnants like corbels and capitals from old buildings and houses are often easy to find at antique fairs. Corbels can be used to support a shelf in an entryway or attached to a door threshold to create interest. Capitals make interesting plant stands or can be used as a base for a coffee table.
Antique Wood Hutches
Wood hutches have a multitude of uses throughout a home. In the kitchen, they can be used for storing plates and glasses; in the living room, for hiding a television set; or in a bedroom, for stashing clothes or linens. Depending on your style, you can either refinish the wood then paint it or stain it new, or you can leave the old patina for a shabby chic, country cottage look. You can even use them to display your vintage milk glass collection — one more thing to be on the lookout for this antique season.

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