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Friday, May 24, 2013

Photo of President Obama Headed for Highschool Prom

It was 1979 and Barry Obama, a smiling high school student wearing a white sport coat, was posing for pictures with his high school prom date. He poses with a lei draped around his neck and his date, Megan Hughes, at his side. Next to the future president stand his friends Kelli Allman and Greg Orme.
Allman provided the pictures, along with a note from Obama written in her high school year book.
It has been so nice getting to know you this year. You are extremely sweet and foxy, I don't know why Greg would want to spend any time with me at all! You really deserve better than clowns like us; you even laugh at my jokes!
The note is signed "Barry Obama." Allman said the group had a great time at the prom.

Flash forward to the future and you'll find the president plagued by a scandal with the Internal Revenue Service, another due to the seizure of phone records from the Associated Press and yet more controversy surrounding response to last year's terrorist attack in Benghazi.
But the young Obama of this 1979 photo, with his smile frozen in time, looks like he's ready for a night out on the town in Honolulu.

Thanx to Yahoo

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