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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Woman and friends refused entrance to club for being too big

A woman and her friends were turned away from a London nightclub for being ‘too big’.
Bobbi Jo Goldsmith was in the capital celebrating her 20th birthday on Friday when she says door staff at Libertine London turned them away for having ‘the wrong look’.
The group of 10 had booked a table at the nightspot, but while queuing to get in they were pulled aside by a female member of staff, who asked them to leave.
Bobbi Jo told Mirror Online: “I was just totally embarrassed. They just looked us up and down and told us that we were too big. It completely ruined my birthday.”
Bobbi Jo’s mum, Deborah Kerr, took to Facebook to share her disgust, in a post which has since gone viral.

Vindicated: There was no shortage of support on social media (Facebook/Deborah Kerr)
Deborah wrote: “Promoter Carmelo was told by Layha the tall french women at the entrance of the club that this group of young ladies weren’t the look the club wanted and that they were to big in size (DRESS SIZE).
"They were all made to feel dreadful pulled out from the queue and told to leave.
"To be told your to big in size and not good looking enough for the clubs’ image is DISCRIMINATION AND SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED.”
Since Deborah wrote her post on Saturday it has been shared more than 4,000 times and received nearly 3,000 comments and 10,000 reactions - many of them angry. 
 One commenter said: "Disgraceful, she is stunning.”
Another compared Bobbi Jo to Holly Willoughby ( British television host and commentator, also model... who looks a lot like Bobbi Jo)  and asked, “Would they have turned her away as well?”
Seems unlikely…Celebrity has clout and is not subject to discrimination.
 How do you feel about this ladies? Is it a coming trend that we will have to fit a certain physical mold to be accepted in public? A particular size, shape, weight and attractiveness; Barbie dolls with no perceptible differences? Hope not.

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