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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

An employer demands all of his female staff kiss him in a bizarre ritual called 'morning kisses'.

A Chinese company requires its female staff to give mandatory kisses to their employer each morning, in a bizarre move they say is being used to boost morale and maintain good employee relationships.
The Tongzhou District company, responsible for creating home brewing machinery, argues that the practice helps to unite and enhance the company’s corporate culture.
According to the employer, after witnessing the practice take place in the company’s American offices, he decided to bring the idea overseas.
His hope is that it will allow female and male employees to bond  "like fish and water," and yet, disturbingly, male employees have not been required to adopt the implementation.
Each morning, the female staff, making up half of the business's employees, must line up for half an hour at 9am in order to greet their boss.
Most workers have adopted the practice, while two who refused have since resigned from their positions with the company.
Social media went into meltdown after the video of the man kissing has staff was shared and it's not hard to understand why.


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    You have two thumbs ... stick one in your mouth , the other up your butt-hole , sit on one and suck the other .
    In other words Mr. Employer Guy ... go fuck yourself .

    What's happening to our menfolks , they have no respect for women .
    Good post

  2. hahahaha! I would like to see that.
    I don't know PIC...I think their brains have slipped into their balls.
    Luv PIC


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