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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My Grandson Zach's first commercial professional film premiere

This past April was the world premiere of  Zach's film 'Dead Rush'! It played at the Canadian Film Fest and was a huge success.


  1. Jeannie , Zach is a very talented young man and he's going places , just watch him soar .
    He's a great speaker and very sure of himself , that's a positive strength in his favor . He is a very handsome young man .
    I know it makes you feel so good to see your kids in yourself , Take a look my friend at each of your kids / grand-kids and you will see some part of you . Well done for a Genie .
    Love PIC

    1. Thank you my friend, I am proud of him and think he will go far. He has passion for what he does. And he is cute
      Luv PIC

  2. Jeannie
    Your grandson has his future in his hands , he speaks well , not nervous a bit .
    As I learn a saying down here , the nut /or fruit don't fall far from the tree .
    I left you an answer on my thoughts on Wag , hope they help in some small way .
    My humble opinion

  3. Thank you Gil,
    It is such a pleasure to see a couple of creative people showing up in the family for a change. How could anyone resist that face. I think he will do well.
    Your friendly neighborhood Genie


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