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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mom overdoses with baby in back seat

Police in Indiana say a 25-year-old woman was found passed out from an overdose with her baby in the back seat of the car. They released a picture of Erika Hurt as they found her on Saturday afternoon. She appears unresponsive behind the wheel of the vehicle and has a syringe in her hand in the photo. Town Marshal Matthew Tallent said Hurt's 10-month-old son was crying in the rear of the vehicle. Hurt was revived with Narcan and taken to the hospital, where she was arrested on charges of child neglect and possession of drug paraphernalia. Tallent said  child welfare officials were called to the scene and the baby was turned over to Hurt's mother. I hope they don't give that baby back to his mom any time soon.
He said  Hurt remains in custody on a probation violation. He didn't know if she had a lawyer. Authorities in Indiana release pictures of mom overdosed as an ‘educational tool’ to show effects of heroin.
This is not the first time parents have overdosed in a car with kids in the back seat There have been several cases. One theory is that the kids are locked in the car and therefore, can go unsupervised for a time. Whatever length of time it takes to come out of a drug induced stupor. What are you doing people? Setting an example for your children to follow?


  1. This is so sad , it's happening everywhere , I wish they would take those babies away and lock those shitty mamas up anf throw away the key .

    Gil said he left you another comment on the ballerina post , he said he think it would be find just say where you got it from and he is going to order me a book.

    Gil said of course people will be interested in hearing about her . She was much loved and helped all her students and who knows how many more .

    I wonder if tRUMP is going to pay the people for the work they did on his hotel .
    Love PIC

  2. I may very well do a post on her in a day or two. There is lots of information about her on the internet and videos. She was so beautiful when she was young and so graceful. I always felt like a clumsy gorilla when I was with her. So I usually squatted on the floor eating banana, scratching my arm pits and butt.
    Why are people overdosing in cars and Walmart. There was a picture of a lady laying in the aisle at Walmart stoned out of her skull a couple weeks ago. Her little toddler was trying to wake her up. They are endangering their kids. I don't get it. I don't get anything any more. Don't you feel a bit burned out sometimes? I do because I get mad at so many things now.
    Oh well, I think I'll get stoned and go to bed.


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