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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

It’s Not the Locker Room, It’s You M#th%r f**k#r, Trevor Rips Trump

 I really like Trevor; he's smart and he's cute too.
And most important, he can see through all theTrump BS.


  1. Trevor calls it like he see it . We watch Trevor each night on Comedy Central at 11PM my time and again in the mornings here at 8AM ... Jon Stewart picked him picked him for his replacement ... there is another good one from the Jon Stewart show ... John Olivar on HBO ... he's English and calls it like Trevor .
    Good video
    Love PIC

  2. I watch Trevor too. he is a very bright young man. He points out all our faults and foibles and does it with a smile and a joke.
    Thank you
    Luv PIC


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