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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Who is smarter ? Trump? Clinton?

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Hillary Clinton Attended Yale and has been reported as having an IQ of about 140.
She  graduated from Wellesley College, a prestigious all-women’s college in Massachusetts, in 1969 with a degree in political science. She graduated with honors. After leaving Wellesley, Hillary went to Yale Law School, where she graduated in 1973. Clinton served on the editorial board of the Yale Review of Law and Social Action.  Her studies and related volunteer work focused largely on underprivileged children. She worked for a prestigious firm of lawyers and later also taught law.

Donald Trump graduated from Wharton School of Business with average grades. He claims he graduated with honors but records recently revealed he was not on the honor roll. His IQ has been estimated by experts to be between 120 - 130. He went directly into his father's business and later was given a stake of around $15,000,000, by his father, to start out on his own. He has refused to reveal his personal school records.
I don't mean to criticize lower IQ's, certainly not, but the president of the United Sates is unquestionably the most powerful man on the planet. He has the power to destroy the world, one way or another. Whose finger do you want hovering over that red button?

You can analyze the two candidates intellects yourself by observing and listening to them.
Trump’s thought lacks any kind of sophistication. His sentences are simple declaratives, his thoughts so banal as to be ludicrous. He brags that he’s smart because he attended Wharton, but business school curricula are notoriously easy and when your father has a few hundred million dollars in the bank and can make a generous donation, you can be admitted anywhere.

Hillary Clinton, by way of contrast, shows a remarkable command of the intricacies of policy and is quick, sure, and articulate in debates, all signs of intelligence. She has clear and well thought out policy proposals and projected plans. And she has a wealth of experience in understanding and serving the government with wisdom and foresight. She was by no means perfect in every judgement call she made but then no human is.

The lack of intellectual sophistication has a deleterious effect on Trump’s policy proposals. He proposes simplistic solutions that don’t take into account the ramifications. It’s easy, for example, to say that one will slap a 30% tariff on Chinese trade. At least Trump deserves some credit for paying attention to the exportation of jobs to low-wage countries that is decimating the American middle class. However, the American and Chinese economies are now tightly interwoven and the catastrophic experience with the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act would indicate that the sudden imposition of high tariffs is likely to lead to a trade war and global depression, which serves no one. There are more sophisticated ways to address this issue.
Similarly, Trump’s absurd plan to bully Mexico into building a border wall and paying for it would be largely ineffective at preventing illegal immigration — illegal immigrants can come in by countless other routes — and he seems not to understand the strategic and practical importance of maintaining friendly relations with countries on US borders.
I won’t even go into the absurdity of withdrawing support from NATO ( although he rightly points out, some other NATO nations aren’t paying their fare share of the bill),  or his terrifying lack of understanding of the consequences of the proliferation or use of nuclear weapons, or his belief in conspiracy theories like birtherism or the Vast and Unprecedented Plot of the World’s Climate Scientists to fool us into thinking that greenhouse gases are the cause of global warming. Why they would do that is not made clear. I guess they are just plain evil scientists.
Make your own comparisons and analyze what these people are saying and twittering and then make a wise choice.


  1. Howdy PIC ,
    Clinton is the smartest by 99 points and that's being nice to tRUMP .
    Hope you are feeling well ... I have been busy all weekend ... Friday especially ... will tell you about it soon . Friday is football night , Jonny is on the junior varsity team ... Man is on the Pee Wee team both is on Fridays ... People is coming in from the other casinos and hotels .
    I will tell you about the drive by shooting about a block down the street from where my group was having a bake/garage sale. It was on the office property ... they see people trying to do something and all hell break loose . I will send you a note tomorrow .
    Love PIC

  2. Okay PIC
    Sounds interesting. Thanks for the comment
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    1. Howdy PIC,
      I don't think you understood my comment about the bake sale/garage sale the group was having .
      They do deserve a gold star for running for their lives . Nan / Dad was there helping them set it up with 3/4 security guards . tell you later .
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