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Monday, May 2, 2016

You do not sleep

Reflections of you, I cherish and keep.
You are not gone - You do not sleep.
You are  the sunshine that melts away the snow,
The whorls in our stream that curl and flow,
You are the gentle, reviving, springtime rain,
That coaxes the daffodils back again.
And the melody in my heart that still refrains.

In that lonely, darkest hour of night,
You are my solace and my light.
When I wake in the early morning hush,
You are the birds taking flight in an upward rush.
You do not sleep, you are not gone, 
You're with me still at each new dawn.

To Leslie from Eileen
Written byThe Genie


  1. PIC ,
    So loving the daffodils are just beautiful.
    Left you a comment on FTBB.
    I put a label on this post .
    I am going to put a search box on all the blogs ...poems /articles / climate change will be listed and easy to find . Like the one I put on WB ... you can type in fish / cake ETC and it will show up .
    Love PIC

  2. thank you
    I wrote this poem to express my mom's feelings and she said I nailed it. so I dedicated it from her to Dad.
    Luv PIC
    PS: I like your idea

  3. PIC ,
    We can now do featured posts ... Gil said this is a great idea and we can post your poems and some of my writing .
    I put one on FTBB at the top of the sidebar ... we can change them out as often as we like . Take a look at both and tell me what you think HUH ???
    Love BAW

  4. It is a great idea PIC. Now I have to put my thinking cap on and produce something worthy of being a feature.
    Love you


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