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Monday, May 16, 2016

Snack Pack Pudding pops.... Getting ready for hot lazy summer days

Red, white, and blue pudding pop recipe using Snack Packs from

Pink, white, and blue pudding pops are so simple to make, and the kids loved them.
To make the pudding pops, I used strawberry Snack Packs, vanilla Snack Packs, and vanilla Snack Packs that I dyed blue with gel food coloring. The Super Snack Packs that are only available at Walmart are perfect because they give you more in each cup.
You could also use chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry as a combo and forget food
coloring. The great thing about these is that the kids can have fun making them.

All you have to do is spoon a layer of each color into a small dixie cup (I used 5 ounce cups) and then once you have all of your layers, put a popsicle stick or ice cream spoon in the top and freeze.
Once they are frozen solid, just tear the cups off of the pudding pops and enjoy. my grandkids thought they were awesome.....nice and cold and they fill that mid afternoon hollow tummy feeling.


  1. PIC,
    Eloise showed this post to the cubs , sweetie they some with ice cream , I went to the market and brought a lot of pudding in different flavors They have the pop sticks here in the bake isle .

    Go to WAG
    Love PIC

  2. I found some flat wooden ice-cream spoons which worked well but they are not available everywhere. Popsicle sticks should work fine. Hope the kids have fun with them.
    Luv PIC


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