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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bad Parenting

I don't mean to be judgemental and correct me if I'm wrong, but  these candid photos strike me as parenting fails of the first degree

I warned you not to wander off

How lazy are you when you make your baby get up in the night and feed himself?

Got to get em started early on the road to mass killer

Look at the cute alligators honey
Don't worry, he's perfectly safe

It'll only hurt for a little while and then we will see about piercings

 Carry the dog and walk the baby??
She is definitely high on something.

Go figure people


  1. Bad parenting is it not . All should be jail and kids taken away .
    The biggest fool is the man with the baby at the alligator pen . Alligators may look slow , they are very quick and fast .
    Maybe the pictures will make people stop and think .
    Hugs and love HB

  2. Some people don't deserve children. I can only imagine how those kids are treated at home where no one monitors their treatment or their parents. They should be handcuffed to a shopping cart and dropped in an alligator pen after we tattoo their asses.


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