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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

That’s Hard To Swallow - Human And Rat DNA Found in Burgers

What is in your burger?

Ever wondered what ingredients go into your burger?  You probably won’t want to ever again after you discover the results of an American study which found human and rat DNA lurking in some burgers.
A sample test of 258 burgers from various - unnamed - fast food chains came up with some surprising and horrifying results. The study, by food testing company Clear Labs found three burgers with rat DNA and one with traces of human.

‘The most likely cause is hair, skin, or fingernail that was accidentally mixed in during the manufacturing process,’ read the study, referring to the human DNA result. For good measure, meat was also found in two vegetarian burgers. 

Almost 80 different types of burger brands were tested

The study also found that meat was mixed up for the burgers in the States, so someone ordering a beef burger might find themselves also eating chicken or turkey.

The burgers tested came from 79 different brands, but they were not named by Clear Labs. I think we can guess the major fast food outlets they tested. And this gives us another good reason to cut down or cut out fast matter how convenient it is.
What are we putting in our kids mouths?


  1. This doesn't surprise me in the least .Nothing is safe anymore , we try to stay away from burger joints ... hope you are feeling better , left you a comment on the boys video to their mother and another one on FTBB , Obama video .

    I hope you are well ...
    Your friend

  2. You got that right. I am starting to not like eating at any restaurant. You hate to imagine what is going on in the kitchens. It's a sorry world when you don't trust anything any more. Going back twenty years we were not so conscious of how our food was handled. Sometimes I think having too much information is a bad thing.
    Love PIC


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