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Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Grandson Zach

Zach Ramelan
My grandson being devoured by a zombie

Episode of Zach's 'Amazing Basement Show'

Trailer for Zach's Zombie Film...Dead Rush


  1. What a amazing kid .
    Everyone here love Zach's Zomie Trailer ,,, Zach has so much energy , it will make you tired just watching him jump around .
    PIC , he is a really handsome young man and the kid is going places .
    Sha said to tell you he is sooooo cute withall the waves in his hair Hahahaha!! Jenny asked Dad did the aliens tell the doctor to stick straws up the mam's butt so they can hook him up to the machine to draw out his juice .

    I am so glad Dad said it would be a good idea to put Zach's trailers on the blogs .
    I thank that was the purpose of Zach's mama sending you the video she asked Pete to give you .
    I am very proud of you and you should promote your grandson and be proud .
    People like horror movies and we don't find them dark .
    The Cubs said they will look for them in late summer if they come to our town .
    Gil told them they should also watch for them on DVD just in case they don't make it this far south.

    Dad said , he do so believe this is our year for bring our families together .
    PIC , I am so happy you took Dad's advice ... Dad said he told you you should post Zach's videos / trailers if it was possible ... Dad said he returned before going to bed and you had these posted and he was proud of you .

    I know Horror films is not everyone's cup of tea ... but I prefer my babies watching them than a lot of this killing / war shit .
    Good post
    Love PIC

  2. Zach got very lucky, his films were noticed by a production company in California and they are sponsoring his efforts because they saw some potential. If he lacks anything in talent he sure makes up for it in enthusiasm. You can't help but like the kid.
    He has been going with the same girl for five years. His dad is very proud of him because the kid is living his dream in spite of his illness.
    He is anaphylactic to almost all food, but other than that, he has complete freedom, to come and go as he pleases. In his case, his immune system is over-active. It has affected his growth and is a form of my illness, in which your immune system can go one way or the other, but he has never let it hold him back.
    He is very cute and his eyes are greeny hazel.He likes the dark side. He likes mystery and irony and the Twilight Zone. Right now he is into Zombies.
    I think we will be hearing a lot from young Mr Ramelan. Funny to think that was my name once. They used to call me 'Rama Lama Ding Dong'. When Jaye quit her job at the newspaper to have babies, they played that song over and over the PA system on her last day at work. It's an old fifties song.
    Well my dear Witchy, I will put the occasional Zach post on Maxy. Just Google him and you will see all the things he is up to. I listened to HB's advice. Give the old boy a peck on the cheek for me.
    Luv PIC


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