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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Aunt Jeannie :Let's play a little choose your own adventure.

Here is the Muir Glacier and Inlet in Alaska.
The black-and-white picture is from Sept. 2, 1892. Guess when the color photo is from.
Aug. 11, 2005.

Below, the black-and-white photo of the Muir Glacier and Inlet is from the 1880s or '90s.
The color photo? Aug. 11, 2005.
Here's a slo-mo of another shot of the Muir Glacier from 1899 to 2003.
And again the Muir Glacier from 1899...... to 2003.

Don't these all now look like summery destinations!?!

Oh wait. These are GLACIERS? In Alaska? 
Yeah. :(

Let's play a little choose your own adventure.

Adventure A :

What happens if we, the Earthlings of Earth, do nothing?

Let's suppose that climate change is either happening or not actually happening (despite overwhelming scientific consensus, BTW).

1. If climate change is not really happening ... we're fine. (Even though there is overwhelming scientific consensus that it IS happening, so it might seem a little silly for us to think that it's not happening ... but we're doing a thought experiment!)

2. If climate change is actually happening and we do NOTHING ... we have economic, social, political, environmental, and health catastrophes the likes of which have never been seen on Earth. :( Basically, the world as we know it is dunzo.

Adventure A's choices: We bet against overwhelming scientific consensus in the hopes that overwhelming scientific consensus is wrong ... or we suffer economic, social, political, environmental, and health catastrophes the likes of which have never been seen on Earth. Not to be all tree-hugger here, but it's kind of a no-brainer for me.

We do not choose this adventure!!!

Adventure B :

What happens if we, the Earthlings of Earth, take action? 
1. If climate change is not really happening ... we'll have spent lots of money investing in clean energy that has been proven to create tons of jobs. It might strain our economy, but there will be more jobs because we'll be investing in new industries. So we'll have more jobs and the air will at least be nicer.

2. If climate change is actually happening ... we'll have spent money in exactly the right place, breathing will be awesome, people will have jobs, and we'll be fine. It's a simple adventure because it's simple. Doing something about climate change simply prepares the world for easy livin'.


The way I see it, there's a choice to invest money in not having a catastrophe + jobs and happy people, or there's a choice to roll the dice on catastrophe, not invest in jobs, and make it harder to breathe.

What's your choice?
I know mine. It's so. so. SO. clear.
Thanks to this magical YouTube video by wonderingmind42 for the action-versus-no-action on global climate change inspiration.

Aunt Jeannie ,  we asked daddy to post this for us ,   Jenny  says she  know what adventure you will  choose  because you started mama  on her adventure . 
Aunt Jeannie  hope you had  a  good Valentine Day , we had a good  one  , Daddy took mama  out  dancing  and  a little gambling . We love you very much and  hope you  are  getting better .
This post is from all the cubs .
Wrote by Sha .

This post was written by concerned , die hard environmentalists, who are trying to save the planet we abused so badly....none of whom are old enough to drive. That makes me feel ashamed of my generation. How about you??


  1. Aunt Jeannie , thank you so very much for posting this on Maxy , people need to know about climate change , when we found this on the web , we had to share it with you , I think it has a lot of impact to see the changing of the landscape . I sent Tyger Stafford a email and told her to go to maxy and fun to be bad and give the web address to everyone , do not give up , there are people out there will listen . We will send you more when we find more .
    Love you very much and so glad you had a wonderful valentine day .
    keep getting better aunt Jeannie you have a lot of cubs in you corner .
    Wrote by Jenny

  2. Hello my Crusader,
    Yes the graphics have excellent impact. Nothing could make the situation clearer. People have to accept what is right in front of their eyes ..... we hope. I hope Tyger takes you up on that and I am so happy that you have maintained contact with her. People will listen, eventually. The hard to convince ones will believe us when something happens to them personally, like one of the weird, out of season tornadoes that have been
    popping up in your part of the world lately.
    Thank you so much my luv for the wonderful post and the kind wishes. I heard you got four valentines and Daddy scared the poop out of the boy who brought you candy. You have to forgive him, he just feels he has to protect his little women. I'm warning may get worse as you get older and don't forget Poppa will always put in his two cents if he feels like it...Hahahaha! I know you can handle them both.
    I love you too ma cherie and thank you all for being in my corner. I am there for you too, any time you need a good friend to talk to.
    Loved the post
    Luv Aunt Jeannie


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