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Friday, February 12, 2016

Dead baby wakes up in morgue

One month-old baby declared dead and kept in a morgue for 15 hours wakes up crying minutes before being CREMATED Little boy, An An, was born prematurely in Jinhua, east China, on January 8 He was pronounced dead on February 4 after being closely monitored As staff prepared his body for cremation the next day they heard him cry.

Staff at the Pan'an Funeral Home in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, immediately took the month-old boy to the hospital after realising he was still alive on February 5, reports the People's Daily Online.

The baby, who is called An An, is currently under intensive care at the Pan'an People's Hospital. According to reports, the baby was born prematurely in a local hospital in Jinhua on January 8, weighing 49 ounces.  After spending 23 days in an incubator at the Pan'an People's Hospital, his family decided to take him home for Chinese Near Year. There, his condition deteriorated.

The boy's father named Mr Lu told reporters his son suddenly went pale two days afterwards, so he rushed his son to hospital for emergency treatment on February 4.
On the same day, the doctors determined the boy had a cardiac arrest and pronounced him dead at the hospital.

After the hospital issued a death certificate, his father wrapped the 'dead' baby in two layers of clothing and put him in a plastic bag before taking him to the morgue of the Pan'an Funeral Home at around 6pm on February 4.
The father showed reporters a receipt issued by the funeral home, which confirmed the boy had been sent to the morgue and that the price of the funeral would be 1,000 Yuan .

At 9am on February 5, after about 15 hours, staff at the funeral home said they heard him crying as they prepared for his cremation. A worker at the funeral home told a local TV station: 'As soon as I pulled his container out of the morgue, I thought I heard noises. When I pushed him to the crematory, the noises became louder.
'I opened the container and saw him moving, so I told the father the baby was still alive.' The baby was quickly rushed back to hospital.

According to the director of the funeral home, the freezer temperature was -12 degrees Celsius inside the morgue. Doctors at the Pan'an People's Hospital in east China said this was their first encounter of such an incident. They could not explain what had happened, referring to it as a 'miracle.'

Doctor Chen, head of pediatrics, said: 'I have been a pediatrician for over 20 years. I've never seen anything like this.'  The baby boy is now under intensive care.


  1. What a wonderful Valentine's gift .
    I've heard of people declared dead and wake up , I know the family will cherish their precious gift all their lives .
    Great post
    Love PIC

  2. Imagine what a shock it was to the parents. I think they would be too stunned to react quickly. They would have been in deep mourning for their baby and all of a sudden he is back from the dead...Jeez Louise. They don't think the baby's chances are too good. The poor parents may have to go through it all over again.
    Love PIC


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