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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Plastic Surgery to Stop bullying?


Meet 15-year-old Renata, who has been bullied most of her young life. She hasn't been to public school in two years and doesn't like to leave the house. She opted for plastic surgery. Watch the video and read some of the responses to her decision . The feeling  I am getting from the comments is don't allow yourself to be a victim.
My son who is a large boned, short back body type had a lot of trouble in public school, more kids were bullying him and he couldn't give back as his size was against him. The first day of 4 yr. old kindergarden he was punched in the stomach by a soon to be classmate, since then he was bullied and calls elementary school 10 yrs, of hell, what a wonderful time to remember back.
At age 13 I took him to karate as he was getting more and more frustrated with the treatment, he didn't have any issues with the schools kids any longer, he also made up his mind to do karate as his career, he is now 28 yrs. standing 6'4" tall, weighing in at 220 ish.
He has gone to Okinawa for training from the masters and has obtained his 4th Dan
There are a variety of ways to overcome being the victim.

                The girl understands that her nose is/was unusually large...large enough that it seemed to project itself into her interactions with peers. Surgey is not unheard of. However, the type of person who bullies doesn't need a physical quality. They need INSECURITY AND VULNERABILITY. How their victims get those qualities is irrelevant to them. They just want targets. So, they are not likely to be kind all of a sudden because this girl and her mom 'corrected' what these experts in anatomy around them said was wrong.

              I am so sorry you have experienced this. I too, have suffered bullying, harassment and physical assault in the workplace. The workplace is in the health care sector. The intensive care unit. The hospital does have a no harassment policy in place, but it is in name only. When reported to the manager and the union I was terminated. The perpetrator continued collecting her pay cheque. I was advised by the union rep, this person has a history of this. The union rep then denied having said this to me. I was very disappointed in the lack of assistance provided by the union. It is much easier to ignore the problem, terminate the victim. This is their way of dealing with it. By not enforcing the no harassment policy simply condones the behavior of the bully. The cycle continues.4 Replies

                You know I have had it with bullying ,,, and I do not think schools take a stand at all especially in the States.... Stand up and be accountable , if there are bullies they should be suspended ,, publicly humiliated , and the parents should be fined, as well as the schools. Maybe then some one will make them accountable for their actions. Schools have our children all day long, yet they do not implement any programs regarding this, and parents are you proud of the trash you are raising,

                I'm not agreeing with or condemning her actions to have the plastic surgery done. I have a big nose too, and have received comments about it before from people who meant to hurt with the comment. This comes down to whether you decide to let someone influence who you are as a person based on your looks. I realize people can judge others based on looks very easily. But from my perspective, the comments i have received from people taught me not to do the same thing to another person. I was on the receiving end of remarks and did not want to pass that on to another person. I think i am a better person and i treat people with more respect because i went through the process of "bullying" as well. Science allows us to change any feature on our bodies that we do not like, but what will really withstand the test of time is our ability to learn and accept who we are on the inside.

                I'm glad Renata had the choice to have the surgery and I wish her all the best. If I were her mother I would have done the same the end Renata's well-being is what is important.
What is really bothersome about this video is the announcer and the message she is giving by implying that the bullies are winning here...with the further implication that Renata "gave in" to the bullying....what horse manure. The presenter is pretty and fits all the molds of what is considered acceptable in appearance by today's standards, so who is she to judge Renata, or anyone in her position, for remedying that which bothers her about her appearance? Does it make her feel superior to belittle what Renata went through? Because that is the effect of her asinine comments.

Thanx Yahoo

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