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Monday, July 16, 2012

APEX PREDATOR..Produced by Shayne Allum...My Grandson

Published on Jul 3, 2012 by
~The Year-End Video Crew presents a Piro Pictures film in association with Studio 122 Productions~

Synopsis: Mind-reading. Invisibility. Teleportation. Fire manipulation. Superstrength. What do these have in common? They represent the powers of five Cardinal Newman students, each from a different path of life. When strange things start happening around the school (teachers and students changing, disappearing), they must come together with one common purpose: To strike down evil within their school. "Apex Predator" follows the lives of these heroes as they discover the truth about this darkness, and develop their powers far enough to defeat it.

Starring: Michael Kerr, Julian Blasioli, Adriana Skender, Justin Messier, Justin Gill, Justin Satosek.

Director - Adrian Gentili
Director of Photography - Nicholas Grguric
Producer - Shayne Allum
Sound Coordinator - Robert Lamanes

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful just wonderful.

    Just plain awsome to have so much talet in one family .
    Well as I always says the apple don't fall far from the tree .


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