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Friday, December 30, 2016

My most hated list for 2016

I just have five people on my list: In order of hatred

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* Bashar Hafez al-Assad ... Murders his own people, killed children by the thousands

*Bill Cosby ... He dopes and rapes women ... tricked the world into believing he was a font of human kindness and ideals

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* Kim Jong-in ... total  megalomaniac and madman intent on global destruction

*Vladimir Putin ...Remorseless KGB torturer... bombs schools and hospitals ... Robbed his own people of billions

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* Donald John Trump ... Misogynist, narcissistic egomaniac, racist, draft dodger and general  bullshitter. But I am withholding judgement to see what he does .... Hahahaha!

SO WHO'S ON YOUR LIST?? AND DON"T TELL ME YOU DON'T HATE SOMEONE.  Nobody really loves evil bastards and assholes ... not even their moms.

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