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Friday, December 16, 2016


Have a wonderful day and a wonderful year
Lots of love and hugs
Aunt Jeannie


  1. Aunt Jeannie , thank you for the birthday posts , they both are so beautiful . I did not know I had two and I like them both .
    I put a comment here before I saw the one on the food blog , it disappeared , daddy said maybe I didn't click on something , he has no idea what I did , daddy is so funny , he is hiding stuff from mama . Aunt Jeannie my birthday is on the 17th , I will have my party at the barn , mama will bake my cake , I want the one that tastes like butter with butter cream icing and filling .
    I feel so special , I have two birthday posts .
    I will always look to the stars and wonder what mystery the hold for me . My said you had the flu and will be so busy getting ready for the holidays , you wanted to make sure I got them . I hope you are feeling better . Aunt Jeannie can you redate them so the will be on top on the 17th , I want to show them on my laptop before daddy put them on my video box .
    I bet Sammy and Jakey is excited . when will they get out of school for the holidays .
    We get out Friday the 16th and return on January 2 next year.
    One day we will meet and greet .
    I thank you and love you very much and I feel so special . Thank you
    Sending you lots of love for better health next year .

  2. Dear Sha !
    I am laughing So hard right now. I thought your birthday was on the 12th of December. I just went back and looked in my little red book and my 7 looks kind of like a 2. It's time to go to the old folks home when you can't read your own writing. I was wondering why I was the first to put a birthday post up when I am usually the last ... so I can show off. Hahahaha! Well they say it's the thought that counts and you got double thoughts this year and I meant every word. I am so happy you put them on your video box so you can look through them now and then along with your family's posts.
    I picture you looking at the stars. That cake sounds so wonderful my mouthis watering. I wish I live a bit closer so I could steal that cake like the Reno Rascals.
    Listen, Sha, I don't care where your daddy hides those gifts your mama will sniff them out. It would be better if they were at someone else's house. That lady has a nose for presents.
    Please thank her very much for covering for my mistake. She always has my back and I have hers.
    I am recovering from the flu so lets just say the fever damaged my brain. It is so busy here and hard to get around with the snow which will be falling steadily for a few days I'm told. Jake and Sam are excited , although, they are 17 and say they are not. I guess they wouldn't look so cool if they were grinning and giggling. As you know since you have a big brother and cousins, all they care about is looking cool.
    I would be delighted to re-post the birthday cards closer to your birthday. And thank you for the laughs I am enjoying and for being such a gracious lady about my mistake.
    Much love to you
    Aunt Jeannie

  3. Thank you aunt Jeannie , you are most kind , now I know why mama and poppa love and thinks so highly of you .
    I will think of you when I show my birthay posts . Love to you and a very Merry Christmas .
    Loving you a lot
    Sharon Carano

  4. It was my pleasure Sha
    Wishing you all the best that a wonderful birthday can bring.
    Love Aunt Jeannie


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