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Thursday, November 19, 2015

19 month old baby can read over 300 words

This 19-month 0ld baby boy can read 300 words .  The 19-month-old baby who can READ! Mind-blowing video shows Carter the child prodigy who has learned more than 300 words... and can even count to 50 Most children get to grips with reading when they start school aged five But 19-month-old Carter has learned to read words with clear articulation Video shows baby boy reading from place cards without making mistakes Mother LaToya said Cater began recognising words at just seven months


  1. Oh PIC , he is just precious , I showed this video to Gil and he will get it from YouTube and carry it to the meeting ... the baby is only 1 months-old so their are kids that learn very young . Gil said wonder what she will want to do with the baby ... put him in a grad school Hahahaha ! Dad said there are different strokes for different folks .
    I will also let you know how that go too .
    I love it .

    Love you PIC

  2. This guy just blew me away. Hahahaha! That's the very reason I posted it. If this don't make a point, nothing will.
    We have never believed in accelerating a child's education . They are plucked out of their childhood and set down in a more adult world. Their whole life is accelerated. Too much for a budding ego to handle.
    Later gator


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