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Friday, December 14, 2012

Queen Elizabeth II Visits the Vault at the Bank of England

With other European countries like Greece on the brink of financial collapse, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II checked out the gold reserves in a vault at the Bank of England in London on Thursday.

Get down girl, go 'head get down.
Wondering :
Wait, the queen can get in the Fort Knox of England but the president of the United States can't get in to our Fort Knox? The queen is king!

That's Simon Cowell's walk-in closet, see him looking over the top in the back.


  1. Queenie likes to count her gold every once in a while. It makes her feel powerful.

    I wish she was my granny. I would hit her up for a loan( just a few bars)

    HA!See ya

  2. Hahaha ... me too .

    Queenie almost smiled .
    See ya ...PIC


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