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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Aunt Jeannie --- Happy Mother's Day

Our special Aunt

It takes a special lady 
and we thank the lord above
you came into our lives and we adopted you as  our aunt
We are blessed with your friendship and love

we are hoping our friendship last through good and bad times .

Jonny ,  Sha  , Jenny  , Man  Carano
Chris  ,  Sheryl  , Bubba  Landrieau


  1. Wow!!! Guys, this this card and the lovely words brought tears to my eyes. You made me feel so special.
    I thank you from my heart and God bless you all.
    Love you all,
    Aunt Jeannie

  2. Aunt Jeannie ,
    We try to pick the words from the heart and with meaning .
    That's why we are here to make you feel good and loved .
    We didn't put one up for mama because we was not going to be here . Daddy carried the four of us and mama to Hot Springs to give her a treatment and just lay out . Daddy said he have to get mama away from home so she can get some rest mama has slowed down a lot.
    We wish you had a great time with your family and got a lot of love and hugs .
    I think it is nice you and mama is catching some air and taking a little time off there is no news except for Mr . Trump and you now when he open his mouth he will lie or blame the new person .
    Aunt Jeannie we got in today about 1:00 PM they went to bed , Jenny and I told them we would check to see if you got your card and answer it . I know Sammy and Jakey is glad this is their last year in high school and now they can go on the better and bigger things.
    Everyone here passed and we all got good grades .
    We are going on vacation , we told daddy if it was another working vacation , we would passed and stay home he said no we will enjoy where we are going .

    Aunt Jeannie you are special , mama always said you was special , it has not reveal itself yet .
    We will be leaving around Mama birthday so that gives us plenty of time to write you in mama secret place if you like .
    Aunt Jeannie , Jenny has nodded off so I think we will go take a nap.
    You are welcome from the bottom of our hearts .
    May your cup overflow with blessing from GOD .
    Wrote by Sha and Jenny with love to you .

    Poppa said he will drop you a letter soon .

  3. Hello my Sweethearts,
    What a lovely note, Thank you. You guys are a bit like your aunt Jeannie because you search for the perfect words to convey exactly how you feel. That's why I started writing poetry. And you sure did make me feel good and loved.
    It was a great idea to take your mama to Hot Springs for Mother's Day. That was a perfect way to pamper her and help her relax. She has had a pretty hectic time in the last couple of months. Mothers get one day a year for themselves and they should be treated like queens for all they do. And believe me, we love being treated like queens, even if it is for only one day. Did you soak in the hot springs too??
    To be real honest with you, I got really tired of writing about Mr. Trump. But he is dominating world news every single day. How does that guy think up so many dumb things to do?? It has been nice to take a break. So I have been relaxing and watching a little TV which I don't do very often. And guess who is on the TV, on practically every station???? You guessed it, Mr T.
    I have also had a few rough months and my stupid illness acted up. My family knows that when I get sick I have to undergo medical treatments that make me feel even more horrible and I have been forced to stay in bed for over a week. So they all got together and arrived on Saturday and on Sunday with gifts and flowers and food and gave me a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. I didn't think I would see Sam and Jake but they arrived Sunday afternoon with their arms full of flowers and gave me big hugs and said they wouldn't have missed it for anything. I am a happy mom and grandma and feel very lucky. Sam and Jake have always called me Gunny since they were babies. We never figured out why. Maybe it was a combination of Grandma and Jeannie.
    I hope you and Jenny have all this happiness yourselves one day with your kids all around you.
    Congratulations on your good grades. You are excellent students and I think you are both very smart. I think your brothers are pretty awesome too but you don't have to tell them. We wouldn't want them to get big heads.
    I hope you have an absolutely marvelous vacation and see lots of wonderful things. There is an amazing, beautiful, gob-smacking world out there to explore.
    Sam and Jake are happy to graduate and sad at the same time. They will be leaving all the friends they have known most of their lives and scattering to different colleges and universities. They enjoyed high school very much. They are playing baseball for their school for the last season and I can see they will be very sorry to leave the sports behind. Jake is a great pitcher and Sam is a good hitter. The final big event is the senior prom and they are getting new suits and polishing their dancing shoes. I am making the corsages for their dates to wear on their wrists and I hope they take lots of pictures. Their mom is a professional photographer and I know she will take a hundred pictures. She may even sneak into the dance to shoot some video. I will put a picture on one of the blogs for you to see if they will let me.
    When I met your mama, we both felt a special connection and I think we both felt there was a higher purpose for us coming together than we understood at the time. It may be that we have influenced a few people to care about climate change and they will teach a few more and so on. It may be that we have instilled these values in our children and they will help save the planet. Whatever the reason for our meeting, it was a good one.
    I feel so old and worn out right now that maybe that's all I have to offer. It's been a hard year for Uncle Brian and me but I think this is going to be a lovely summer for us and our family.
    You always make me feel happy and the love you send me is the best medicine in the world...."My cup runneth over". When you give love, you get it back a hundred times over.
    Thank you
    Aunt Jeannie


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