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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Dogs and Babies prove size doesn't matter

boy and big dog



Little girl playing doctor with big dog

huge dog tiny baby

German shepherd and baby

Big dog and baby in front of Christmas tree

baby hugging dog

big black dog and baby

This is getting too cute and I am feeling a little nauseous


  1. How sweet and cute , wish the world was run by babies , it would be a better place .
    Go your note what a pretty girl , see the twinkle in her eye ?

    On the bright side , the babies hands are as big as tRUMP's and tRUMP's hands come no way close to the dogs paws Hahahaha
    Good one Love PIC

  2. hahahaha! I think babies would do a much better job running the world. they couldn't be any worse than a certain orange guy who shall be nameless. Mr Trump has cute little baby hands.
    Jordan is a sweetheart. She is always ready for fun
    Thank you
    Much love


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