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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Do we need a new word for vagina that our little girls would be comfortable with ??

The subject came up in discussion with other women, when I mentioned the Swedish social worker, Anna Kosztovics, who thinks we should have a nice nick-name for vagina, just for little girls. We don't have one in our lexicon, you know.
There are a few other names for vagina that are very rude, lewd, pornographic and disrespectful and I won't repeat them ... and they were invented by men.
Little girls seem a bit embarrassed to use the medical term in conversation. So they need some cute nicknames that they can say without embarrassment. 
Boys have dozens of euphemistic names for their penises like willy, dinkle, winkie, peepee, weenie, ding dong, weewee, pecker, twig and berries, nuts and bolts, Johnson etc. ... Geez Louise, there were dozens more than I expected when I looked it up. And toddlers and kindergartners can feel comfortable saying most of them. When they are a bit older they learn the word penis quick enough.
Little girls are even more modest and we tried to come up with a simple nick-name for girls like the Swedish lady did. Our family always called it a gigi. The ladies I spoke to like the name 'twinkle' as in the English version video below. We want a name that might be adopted into the Anglo-American lexicon. Other choices were veegee, tinkie, ginny. My male friend suggested "hoo ha" and we sent him out of the room.
I think there may  be names used in local idioms that others may not have heard of.
It's not a trivial matter as my husband suggested because all the slang terms for vagina are obscene, crude and insulting. We want our little girls to be proud of what they have. Ideas??

They made a handy English version for us to use, if we so wish. The Swedes are very open about nudity, sex and bodily functions with their children.

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