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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Justin Trudeau is pretty sure disgruntled American voters will not move to Canada

Throughout the past months of election campaigning in America, a quite alarming number of Americans have applied for Canadian visas with the intention of moving to Canada if Donald Trump gets elected president. And even a small number of people who object to Hillary Clinton being elected. I don't think any previous American election has been so extremely divisive. The various campaigns have become like enemy camps with mudslinging, offensive rhetoric the choice of weapons. I always thought Hillary had class but even she has resorted to retaliation. I don't think she had much choice in the matter if she intended to survive Trump's character assassination.
 Now the the final two contenders are almost neck in neck in the polls. It is strange how the tide of public opinion swells, ebbs and flows; sometimes it can turn on a few well placed phrases or accusations. But Trudeau was right, the flow of requests for visas has slowed down.
 Perhaps American citizens are readying themselves to accept the inevitable. What a horrible thought.

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