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Monday, September 7, 2015

Nanook's Crafts

Crafts from Nanook's workshop for young and old.
 V-neck T-shirts --toddler to XXX large
 Round neck T-shirts -- toddler to XXX large
 Round or V-neck T-shirts -- toddler to XXX large
 Light jackets or shirts--bring your own clothing article ,we will  make it work,you pick your colors .

Slippers in all sizes ... display ... we make all sizes , warm and comfortable .


  1. Ms. Jeannie,
    Nanook's crafts is doing really well. I asked Mr. G. if he had any new ideas for crafts no one else is doing, he said let him put his head with Ms. Carano , they should come up with something , here's what they came up with .Ms. Carano designed these rented a sewing machine in Reno , went to a fabric shop made these samples to show the finish product .She made a pair for Mr. Carano ,he wore them to work , he wouldn't take them off.
    Mr. Carano was wearing the Tiger slippers his first day back to work , Every man in the building ordered a pair , everything is selling like mad at the shops in the hotel & casino,Also the flea market . is selling out .
    We have 57 men in our building , they all want tiger slippers but in different fur , Mrs. Carano put a pad out for them to write size and fur . They are doing the same at the flea market . Mrs. Carano hired 3 more seamstress and a cutter , Ms. Jeannie it was so funny , one of the new people didn't like it when I told her break time was over , said I wasn't her boss, I smiled and walked away . She didn't know Mrs. Carano was coming back . Mrs. Carano went to lunch with Mr. Carano, She return ,asked why was the new person in the break room reading , I told her , Mrs. Carano said wait until she return 20 minutes later she was back with the her check . She told me to go in there and fire her a## , gave me a envelope said tell her she's fired. The lady said I was not her boss , Mrs. Canaso said yes she is get your stuff the door is this way . Love working for her , that lady got your back .
    How are you and family doing , Mrs. Carano said you and your family has been under the weather , hope things are getting better . I think about you often ,Left a couple of comments , no answers , Mrs. Carano said you were ill. Hope this bring a little cheer to you.

  2. Della,
    It was such a nice surprise to hear from you. I know you are always looking for new ideas for crafts.
    The new products are wonderful. Mrs Carano is a very talented lady and so are you. I laughed so much to think of all the men in the building including Mr Carano, walking around in tiger slippers. Hahaha! Thank you for the chuckles.
    I can see why the new products are selling so well. They look great and the tee shirts are so cute and perfect for this time of year. You guys are doing so much good work and it all goes to a very important cause, as the world is just starting to realize.
    The new person needed a stern lesson in manners and respect. She had to learn it the hard way but I hope she learned something valuable from it. Once in a while it feels good to kick a little ass if it is deserved. The Caranos do not suffer idiots and slackers for long but if you do your job well they will back you to the hilt.
    My family and myself are going through a very hard time right now. But I often think of all of you and consider you all my friends.
    Keep on doing what you do so well Della and bless you for all your hard work
    Best regards


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