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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

So You Put Your Christmas Lights Up?....... Not Like This You Didn't


This display in Fountain Valley California was created at the home of a good friend who had cancer, in 2011. The creator and designer is a professional lighting expert. The lights are programmed to the music. Sadly his friend passed away before he got to see it finished. But hundreds of people come to see it and watch the cars slow down in the video.
 The designer has created other Christmas displays in past years and can be engaged to create an original digital light display for any occasion or venue.


  1. Beautiful , wished your friend got to see them .

    my thoughts are how did people sleep , they are gorgeous , but also glad they are not close to me .
    luv PIC

  2. No kidding PIC,
    You would have to wear shades and blinders all night. And forget about sleep.

    Glad you enjoyed it. Show it to Gill and ask him to do the same on your house.

    Luv PIC


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