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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Phelps' Face

You make this Phelps' face ... 

Phelps Meme 2

* When another customer walks in just as you are closing.
* When you pull up to the McDonald's drive-through and the ice-cream machine is broken
* When your password must contain upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols
* When you ask for no pickles or tomato on your burger and get both
* When you're about to catch a Pokémon and your battery dies
* When the car in front turns without signaling
* When the car behind you is almost driving up your ass
* When the driver in front flicks his cigarette butt out the window and it hits your windshield
* When your girlfriend hasn't answered  your seven texts and three calls
 * When the person you're talking to keeps scanning their phone for messages
* When your car almost hits a shopping cart left in your parking space
* When the guy in the next seat at the movies keeps popping his gum

I haven't even scratched the surface. People have been looking for the perfect caption or meme for this image  on the internet for a couple of days. Got one?


  1. Why diet , just eat smaller portions (laughing my butt off),
    Phelps just realize how bad the water was over there .
    Phelps is retiring , at 31 he went out in a hail of glory .

    I like his face , Phelps is smelling Trumps s**t .

    Go to wag

  2. Yah, green water....yuck. We can also smell that Trump shit all the way up here. Thanks HB. Talk to you later.
    Hugs and luv Bfly


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