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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Woman uses video footage to help identify boy who loves playing with her dog

Security footage out of Louisiana has captured a case of trespassing by a young dog enthusiast that’s more adorable than criminal.
Hollie Breaux Mallet shared home security footage on Facebook taken from a camera located inside her garage.
The video shows a young boy on a bike stopping to run inside her property to play with Mallet’s dog, Duchess, before quickly biking away.
Instead of being upset at this young trespasser, Mallet instead took to social media to try and identify the mystery culprit who shows her pet so much affection.
“Anyone know who this sweet little boy is? Every now and then when he rides his bike he will quickly come and love on my dog or play fetch real quick, but always leaves quick like he doesn’t know if he should be here! I’d like to tell him he’s welcome to stay and play, she loves the attention,” she wrote.
It wasn't long before neighbours started commenting and speculating about the identity of boy. Eventually the footage found its way to Ginger Clement Breaux, who quickly recognized the culprit as her young son Josh.
“Josh talks about your dog all the time! Every time we pass he looks to see if she was sitting where he could see her. Just didn’t know he was doing things like this,” Breaux commented under the post.
“Last night when I first saw it, I was torn as a momma being happy and upset because he knows he shouldn’t be on someone’s property, but I wake up this morning more happy that he just absolutely adores dogs so much.”
Mallet said she hoped Josh, who after seeing the video reportedly turned “ten shades of red,” would return to pay Duchess a visit soon.

A selfie taken the next day by Josh with his new canine companion confirmed that he took Mallet up on the offer.


  1. How adorable and sweet . .. hr just tugs at your heart , it makes you feel good to see kids like these .
    Great post and Video
    Love PIC

    PS: another salad / drink/ dessert , you can use chicken ham or any cooked meat on hand
    Love PIC

  2. I love stories like this . They are little stories about little people, real people.
    Luv ya


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