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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bottle of $6/$7 red from Asda is named best in the world

It doesn’t sound exactly like the sort of tipple which thrills wine snobs - a budget red from Asda, costing under seven bucks.
But the supermarket’s La Moneda Reserva Malbec from Chile (between 6$ and 7$) won a top prize at this year’s Decanter World Wine Awards - beating off wines three times the price. Go figure.
The judging panel of 240 experts tasted 16,000 wines in the under $20 category and said that the supermarket’s Malbec was an ‘absolute crowd pleaser’.
Experts praised the wine for its ‘succulent juicy berries on the palate’, and said it had ‘excellent freshness’.
The wine won the Platinum Best in Show award, and was also shortlisted in the overall red wine award.
DWWA chairman Steven Spurrier said: ‘Our sole purpose is to recognize and reward quality, this is what consumers all over the world are interested in. We only award medals to wines in which consumers can have the utmost confidence.’
So there you go sister friends. You do not have to spend a fortune on a bottle of wine to impress your friends, unless you are one of those wine snobs. If you are, then go ahead and spend at least $50 on a bottle of wine to keep your rep intact. You might be paying more and enjoying it less.
 By the by ... a study has revealed that if you use big wine glasses, you feel obligated to fill them...thereby, consuming considerably more alcohol. Not good. Buy smaller wine glasses and, oddly enough, you will feel just as satisfied.


  1. A very good tasting wine ... reasonable priced ...
    This taste taste was held in Chile in February 2015 ... you can order it online and the price has gone up a few dollars .
    A good wine is suppose to be sipped not to be swallowed down like a bottle of beer Hahaha!
    There are lots of very good wines costs less than $20.
    Good post
    Love PIC

  2. Chilean Malbec La Moneda Reserva 2015 scooped a ‘best in show' medal 2016 also. And for a designated amount of time, the price was lowered. Don't know why. I think Malbec are black skinned grapes originally from France.
    Boy would I ever love a taste of that wine or any wine actually. I would like to bathe in wine to see if you can get drunk through your pores. Lots of good vitamins and antioxidants in wine. Maybe that's why winos look healthy.
    See you in the funny papers
    Luv PIC


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