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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Kids videobomb professor dad during serious interview

Prof Robert E Kelly keeps his cool during an interview about South Korean politics when his two children interrupt him, live on air. Kelly’s daughter first lets herself into his office  and ambles over to her daddy and is shortly followed by a baby in a walker. He smiles and apologizes for the interruption while his poor harassed wife rushes into the room to take the children out. The interviewer admits he almost lost it and burst into laughter during that desperate grab for the doorknob.
The BBC was highly amused and invited the professor and his family back any time.


  1. Hello my friends. I am still here in spirit. Will send note on WAG in day or two. Pretty hectic times.
    Stressed out Genie

  2. Howdy my friend,
    I know and understand how hectic it is for you at this time .
    Remember ... first things first and that means taking care of the business at hand .
    We are all praying for you and Nita has put you and your family on the prayer list at church .
    Anita /Nita / Nan /Mae and me has a candle lit for you and your family . Dad said to tell you he also has a candle on his patio and The Reno Rascals lite a candle for your family AT Mass .

    Hang in there my friend
    Love NEE


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